2024 District Art Show

By: Kennedi Canova

Fremont students had amazing artwork to showcase at this year’s District Art show on April 11. They brought home 8 total prizes and 6 honorable mentions.

Iris Chapman with Best of Show Overall and 3rd place painting. 

A senior, Chapman goes into depth about how long it took to create these winning pieces, “My quilting piece took multiple weeks but I did all of the embroidery in one night! The first step in my painting was creating the digital image since it is supposed to be so symmetrical, then I projected it onto a canvas and painted it. The quilt took a lot longer but both took multiple weeks.” 

He goes on to describe the inspiration behind each piece. “Both pieces are about my experiences as a trans person. My quilting piece is called, ‘My Voice’, and it’s about my voice dysphoria and my painting titled, ‘A Collection’, is a collection of body parts that I don’t associate with gender in any way.” 

Braden Poll won the Superintendent Purchase award and 3rd place photography. 

Poll, a Senior, first describes what the Superintendent Purchase award actually is: “The district comes in and picks a piece that they want to keep in their office for a year.” This year they purchased his photo titled, “Homeless.”

He then describes how these awards could benefit him, or anyone, in the future. “Both awards would look great on my resume or photography portfolio, which will be good for college, because I think I want to major in animal photography.”

Cole Jatip won 1st place commercial art. 

Jatip, a senior, when asked about his inspiration for the piece, Cole says he was just getting back into reading and decided to try and make some bookmarks. “I was working in Adobe Illustrator, just messing around for about an hour, creating shapes and using colors that I thought would look cool. When I showed Ms. Montierth, she told me that I should submit them to the district art show, so I did!”

Levi Smith won 1st place sculpture.

Grace Pearson won 2nd place pottery. 

Pearson, a senior, says “I started ceramics classes in Sophomore year and now as a Senior I’m taking AP pottery.” She goes on to describe why ceramics is one of her favorite art forms/mediums. “I love pottery because it’s hands on and useful. Once you’re done with a piece you have something you can use in daily life or give to someone else as a useful gift, which is a really cool aspect of pottery as art.” 

Bostyn Cottle with 2nd place in jewelry.

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