A trashy parking situation

Fremont is in the process of a remodel, and it’s making our school look stunning. The walls are being painted, and our beautiful wolves are mounted majestically upon rocks in our commons.

However, with Fremont’s insides being fixed and looking top notch, our school parking lot makes us look a bit “trashy.” Literally. The amount of garbage that is left in the school parking lot after one day at school is absolutely disgusting.

“I have to pick up the parking lot every day after school,” stated Emma Pehrson who is a part of the janitorial staff.  Emma gets to pick up more than just so called “normal” trash. “I’ve picked up some pretty crazy stuff before, like dirty diapers, contraceptives, mens underwear, and cigarettes. But I’m always picking up trash from Maverik and wrappers.”

[pullquote align=”right” speaker=”Emma Pehrson”]Not only is it absolutely disgusting, but it’s so disrespectful to our school property.[/pullquote]

Alyssa Martinez, one of our Silverline dancers, had a few words to say about the situation. “I don’t know how people could just throw their trash on the ground like it’s no big deal. It’s disrespectful to our school, we need to learn how to act like adults and put trash where it belongs.”

Our principal, Dr. Belnap was less than pleased with the parking lot. “We take a lot of pride in how things look inside, but to walk out in the parking lot and see trash. There is a difference between something accidentally falling out of pocket, but we know that most of the trash that is out there was intentional.”

[pullquote align=”center” speaker=”Utah Criminal Code”]The law states, A person may not throw, discarded on any park, recreation area, or other public or private land. Penalty for littering, a person who violates any of the provisions is guilty of a class C misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than $100 for each violation.[/pullquote]

Littering is not only disgusting and disrespectful, it’s also illegal. Lets keep it classy Silver Wolves, pick up after yourself and help our school look as beautiful on the outside as it does on the inside!

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