Acrylic Collages

Photo Morgan Ashmead Multiple tables in the commons sport pictures from yearbooks from past years, but 2007 is the most recent table.

The photos installed in the tables at the commons area haven’t been updated for years, but might be eventually.

Around the school there are many projects commemorating past students and their accomplishments. One of the more random ones is the pictures underneath the acrylic on the tables in the commons. The photos have been there for years, but no one knows what’s going to happen to them next.

The original plan was presented by past principal, Rod Belnap, two years ago. “Dr. Belnap was excited about the idea that kids would get to see like, maybe, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, involved in school activities while they were sitting around the tables,”  said Clyde Ellertson, welding teacher of the students that installed the acrylic on the tables.

The photos, scanned by past English teacher Brian Fendrick and his yearbook class, are now becoming outdated. The latest year is 2007.

Suggestions have been made to update the photos or perhaps paint student artwork on the tables.

“It’s something we’ll talk about as a team,” said assistant principal Sherry Patton. “I think [updating the photos] is a good idea.”

For now, the future isn’t set in stone for the acrylic collages. All that is for sure is that students will continue to have a place to sit in the commons.

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