Paw Print newspaper advertising opportunities:

The Paw Print newspaper is a student-run newspaper. It is distributed to all students (2000+), faculty members (100+), and parents of the high school. Subscriptions are also emailed, giving other members of the community the opportunity to receive the publications.

The Paw Print is also a digital publication. The website is updated almost weekly with fresh news from Fremont High School. Advertising is available on both platforms. The potential for cross-platform advertising offers a wide range of options for local businesses to advertise.

Fremont organizations, clubs, and groups receive a 50% discount on all advertisements.

Advertisement: Print

Full page ad 11″ x 17″
$175 / issue

1/2 page ad roughly 10″ x 11″
$90 / issue

1/4 page ad roughly 5″ x 5″
$50 / issue

Advertisement: Web

$40.00 / month
$240.00 / school year (1-month discount)
$15.00 / month during the summer (half price)

*Page placement priority will be given to longer contracts.

**One-time $20.00 design fee if we design your ad for you.
***Annual print contracts receive a free web ad.

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