Aer successfully becomes “One of a Kind”

Aer successfully becomes “One of a Kind”

Aer connects with their fans through good vibes and even better music.

Salt Lake City, The Depot —

The sound of Hip-Hop and Reggae-style music often brings people together with the same hippie-flip-flop-style music interest. On September 30,  Aer brought that sound to The Depot with Cody Simpson and Chef’s Special on their first US tour.

Aer is a music duo that consists of rappers, David Von Mering and Carter Shultz. They initially launched in 2011, but gained most popularity in 2012 from their album The Bright Side. Their newest album One of A Kind was just released August 14, and is a big hit.

When Aer finally appeared on stage, the audience went wild. The crowd jumped up and down, hands were swaying back and forth, all while singing along to Aer’s old, and new songs. Even if the audience didn’t know every lyric, like me, it was just as enjoyable to jam out and enjoy living in the moment.

The popularity of their old albums has gotten them on tour, and every time they jumped with the beat, or spoke to the audience, it was noticeable how pumped they were to be singing for a crowd of people who have been with them since the beginning.

The concert was small, and full of good vibes. Teens and young adults gravitate to Aer, which brings people together for a fun, relaxed night, brah.

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