Athlete Highlights

Josh Harris

Grade: senior

Sport: Swim team

Years lettering: 2016-2017 season

Years swimming: Freshman-now.

GPA: 3.7

Event: The hype is all about the 100 freestyle I like everything.

Best advice given: Don’t quit.

Advice: If you’re going to join swim just know it’s a lot of hard work. It’s a sport you don’t win just for walking in, you gotta give it your all.

Hardest Part: Swimming is a mental sport right. We all have to break out of our mental prisons sometime.  

Greatest motivator: Myself.

Keep motivated: I clear my mind before every race, that helps.

Pre-meet tradition: I don’t ever go to a meet without listening to music or drinking 32 oz of water or gatorade.

Fastest time: My best time right now flat start for 100 meter freestyle I guess that’s the only one that counts right now it’s 53 seconds but I also got a 52 in a relay.

What makes you successful: Personal drive,treating every practice like it’s a meet, wanting it.

Plans after high school: If I could ever get to swim college that would be sick, but i’ll probably go on a mission turn into some boring career.    

Quote from coach Shupe: “Josh has always been an athlete that I can count on as a coach. He can be trusted to do what he has been asked to do and do it to the best of his ability. Josh has a desire to improve each time he is in the pool. His hard work and determination over the years has led to his success as a swimmer.”

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