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22 March 2019

Baseball banquet hits a home run

Baseball banquet hits a home run

On Monday, January 26, supporters of the baseball program filled the commons for the annual banquet.

The dinner and silent auction were in the works for about three months. To get support and donations, members of the team went to local businesses that were more than willing to help them out. The team also sold dinner tickets for $10 a few weeks prior to the event.

In addition to getting support and donations, members of the baseball team helped make the banquet a success by serving food, taking tickets and cleaning tables.

The food and all of the baskets were donated. The baskets were purchased or bid on and varied in price and content from $12 for a Dunkin’ Donuts mug to $550 worth of concrete labor or welding supplies, with all of the proceeds going towards the baseball program.

“We raised about $7000 last year, and I think it was pretty good,” said Braden Bingham, senior and member of the team. “We did a couple of tournaments in St. George and it helped pay for that.”

According to Bingham, the money received will go towards purchasing new uniforms, covering any additional costs of the new field, equipment, and anything else the team may need.

Parents and other members of the Fremont community enjoyed their time at the dinner and silent auction.

Bryce Clark, father of Tyler Clark, sophomore on the swim and baseball team, was incredibly happy with the banquet and what it means for the boys.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “The food was great, the boys all helped and it was a good, a great turn out.”

Photo by Alicia Anderson; *Donated baskets from several local businesses

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