Bayard Hired as Fremont’s New Football Coach

Fremont announced a new head coach for football next season. Coach Bayard tells a little about himself and his coaching style to help describe how next year will run a little. He answers a couple of questions to reflect on all of this.

Bayard tells about his coaching and teaching history throughout some time and what brought him to Fremont in the first place.

Clayton Bayard, who has been a P.E. a teacher at Fremont for about two years now has been coaching for 13 years, he taught and coached at Davis High for 4 years, coached for about 6 years at Snow College, and for 1 year at Logan High. What brought him to Fremont was that he was born and raised in Plain City and he even graduated from Fremont in 2003.

He also mentions what his favorite part about coaching football is and some of the challenges that come with it.

Coach Bayard says, “The best thing about coaching football is that not one person can win the game…everyone has to do their own part to be a good team…the hardest thing is just getting everyone to do the right thing on and off the football field.”

Bayard summarizes his coaching style to explain more about how he goes about the game and those playing it.

He states that, “I like to relate coaching to being a big brother, because I don’t want to be a parent figure that no one listens to and you don’t want to be a friend that lets you get away with everything, so you have to have a balance of having that respect and trust and getting them do to the right things and still enjoying your company.

Next to that he mentions what is expected for himself and the team next season.

He reflects that, “…Our job as always as coaches is to put kids in the best position on and off the field and that’s what it comes down to…we just want our kids to be successful…my expectation is just giving them the best opportunity and for the kids it’s to have fun.”

To inform the student body further, Coach Bayard mentions how standards aren’t really changing, you still have to be in class and get good grades, but if there is anyone interested in joining then they can find Mr. Bayard in the P.E. department and find out more about football weight classes, summer conditioning, and summer camp.

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