Struggling to find that class that will fill your art credit and don’t want to draw, act, or photoshop? Well there is a class for you. Stage crew.


“There’s Intro to Tech and then there’s Stage crew. You have to take Intro to Tech before Stage Crew so you can learn all the prerequisite stuff,” said senior AJ Hansen, veteran tech student.


In the past there were just two stage crew classes, but this year, they decided to go a different direction.


“This is the first year we’ve done Intro to Tech for everything. When I was a sophomore, we just had two Stage Crew classes. And that’s how it ran. I’ve been in Stage Crew all three years,” said senior Brayden Seaman, another veteran tech student.


The tech students are the ones who run the assemblies and shows, along with building and painting set and much more.


“Moving set pieces on and off, calling cues is something stage management does. There’s spotlight people who have to follow the actors. Like you have to do costume changes offstage, help with makeup and stuff,”Hansen said.


Being backstage can be a fun time, but don’t underestimate how scary it can be.


“Pretty intense, pretty stressful. You got to be on top of things or you’re pretty much screwed. Like everyone is pretty much screwed if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do,” Hansen said.


Students who are also new to the classes getting a glimpse on how everything runs and are learning what to do.


“Right now we are learning how to build things and use power tools. It’s really fun. I’m waiting for the end so we can do costumes and makeup and stuff like that,” said junior Jonathan Urquiza, tech student.


Even though it can be a stressful thing, the students still love what they do and experiencing it all.


“Just being behind the creative process, you really get to build the world. That’s literally the point. Then the actors go and bring it to life. I think that’s… that’s probably the coolest thing, to watch that all unfold,” Hansen said.


“The most rewarding moment is…I think… I think I would have to go with when everyone finally has everything down. It’s the final dress rehearsal. Just coming together and just working. Most everyone is having a good time,” Seaman said. “The tech is finally getting their cues and understanding what to do it. It’s that ‘everything clicks’ moment.”


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