Bench Obituary

Bench Obituary
Sierra Hansen and Ashlyn Arrington hold the broken, loved benches with sorrow


Fremont Benches

Fall 1994- September 2015

Roy students were thrilled and proud to break Fremont’s bench, while fremont students feel like it’s unfair.

PLAIN CITY- Fremont High School Benches, ages 21, were tragically broken September 18, 2015. The benches were created in the fall of 1994, and stoically grew older on Fremont’s school grounds. Both of the benches served as stands for rivals during home games.

The game was Roy vs Fremont. The benches were supporting Roy High School students, when Roy started to sing the “I believe chant”.

Roy Senior Braden Montgomery, was in shock when the welding broke. “I was scared at first, then when I realized what happened, I thought it was funny.”

Many of Roy’s students are proud of what their school’s spirit did to Fremont’s so loved bench. Although, the incident has caused mixed feelings among Fremont students.

Even though Roy didn’t intentionally murder The Bench, Silverwolves are still defending their property. Fremont Senior Karissa Slater feels that breaking the benches, then holding it over their heads was unacceptable.

“If they break it, they should fix it,” she said.

On the other hand, some Fremont students are taking the higher road by not letting the actions of Roy affect their emotions. “I feel neutral about it.” Fremont, Senior Sydnee Petersen said, “I have a lot of school spirit, but not enough to dog on Roy for breaking a metal bench.”

We will always remember how the Benches supported rivals after their domination by Fremont. but don’t worry Silverwolves, the two benches will be back to standing proudly in the near future.


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