Beyonce shocks country music fans with performance at the CMAs

Beyonce shocks country music fans with performance at the CMAs


The 50th Annual Country Music Awards aired on November 2, with an unusual guest. Beyonce Knowles-Carter, known for her R&B and pop music, performed a song from her latest album along with the Dixie Chicks who performed a song of their own as well.

“Daddy Lessons” appeared on Knowles-Carter’s latest album, Lemonade, which is pretty political. She took a bit of a country twist on the song, which is about her father Matthew Knowles. The Dixie Chicks also covered the song while on tour.

Some Beyonce fans like that she performed at an unusual event, but some country music fans and singers are a bit upset that she got the chance to perform.

“Country music is good. People like Dolly Parton, Don Williams, and old singers like that I think are really quality,” said senior Jake Hogan, country music and Beyonce fan, “but the quality of country music in modern times I think is slipping and is going downhill and [I think] Beyonce is helping to revive the genre.”

Country singer Travis Tritt, however, disagrees. He took to Twitter on November 4, tweeting that he wants to know “when BET or SoulTrain awards are gonna ask a country artist to perform on their awards show,” even though SoulTrain has been off the air since 2006. There has also been many R&B/country music collaborations in the past few years, such as Nelly’s “Over and Over” featuring Tim McGraw.

“I am not a fan of country music,” said senior Brandie Miller, Beyonce fan. “[but] she has the freedom to do whatever she wants.”

Lately, Beyonce has been a very controversial artist, due to things such as her political activism, her performance at the CMAs, and performing a concert for Hillary Clinton. It seems as if by angering people who don’t agree with her, she is spreading her points of view by infusing politics and music better than ever.

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