Bieber Fever didn’t end In 2009

Bieber Fever didn’t end In 2009

Junior, Tristyn Ferguson puts matters into her own hands, regarding her forever lasting Bieber Fever.

A Go Fund Me page is a fundraising page that anyone can use to earn money. Tristyn Ferguson created a Go Fund Me page to raise money for tickets to Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour when he arrives in Salt Lake City on April 2, 2016.

Ferguson created the page on November 13,  with hopes to reach enough money to purchase a ticket for the concert. “I would go for any ticket,” Ferguson said. “I could sit at the very top and go for it, it doesn’t really matter.”  Tickets range from $47.50 to $2,000.

Justin Bieber’s “Believe” tour in 2012 left Ferguson wanting more. JB’s music style has changed dramatically in four years, and so has he [insert wink emoji].

Junior Kelsie Hughes, former Justin Bieber fanatic, supports Ferguson’s decision on making the page to see JB Live.

“If I didn’t have tickets, I’d make [a Go Fund Me page],” Hughes said.

No donations have been made so far, but Ferguson has not lost hope.

“[Justin Bieber] has been my childhood crush since I was ten,” Ferguson said.

With hundreds of other accounts requesting Bieber tickets for his 2016 tour, Ferguson has competition with other Beliebers.

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