Boys deserve flowers too

Boys deserve flowers too

Hallmark might have invented Valentine’s Day but sexism was invented by society

The flowers, chocolate hearts, and giant teddy bears are stocked. Single people are treating themselves and couples are getting their date on. It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. But what exactly are you thinking about when the holiday comes to mind? Girls hugging their gifts with smiles on their faces? Maybe flowers being handed out to every girl at the school? See, that’s the problem. Where are the boys?

It has been taught through societal norms that boys are the ones to give the gifts on Valentine’s.

“If you and your significant other decide to do Valentine’s Day, [both] should attempt to provide a positive romantic experience,” said junior, Clancy Gonzales. Movies, books, and social media all showcase boys performing grand gestures for their partners, and usually the girl gives little to nothing.

Viral videos of girls walking into their rooms, which are covered in rose petals and candles. Or pictures of promise rings on well manicured fingers. These are all pushing the standard that boyfriends need to provide during Valentine’s Day, or they aren’t good boyfriends.

But the thing is, a lot of boys have already noticed this. They’ll sit in class saddened that they didn’t get some chocolate because it only goes to the girls. Or they’ll see girls walk around school with flowers in hand, to make them feel special. But the boys deal with it. They deserve the same amount of love and special treatment during Valentine’s Day as everyone does.

“Quit perpetrating that boys are emotionless,” said junior, Sierra Rose. “Boys can be spoiled. It’s not going to make you less of a man, it’s a flower. Give everyone flowers. Or no one, because it sounds expensive.”

There has been a spike in mutual love, however. Halloween and Christmas baskets over the past year have been given out by girls. The gifts for the guys are making their way up, and it’s pretty cute. But, most of the videos and pictures trending are of girls freaking out over gifts their boyfriend gave them, still pushing the Valentine’s stereotype.

And some people don’t mind practicing the stereotypes, which is okay.

“I don’t really care,” said junior, Evan Lundgreen. “I feel like Valentine’s is a holiday for appreciating the special women in your life.”

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love, whether it be romantically or platonically, or a holiday invented by Hallmark to improve sales. It’s a time to treat yourself or someone you’re close to. Just make sure the love is shown for everyone.

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