Boys Soccer Accomplishes their Goals

“This year, I think we are deeper and more cohesive as a team, so I thought we really had a chance to do just as good as last year and maybe better. “ Darren Erwin, the boys head soccer coach, says about the team. 

This years Seniors
Picture Taken by: Hannah Blanch
The Team Huddling at their games
Photo Taken by: Kylie Bywater

Boys Soccer has done a great job this year, currently ranking 6th in Utah Division 6A. There are 36 players on the team this year. 

The Captains this year are Kason Kotter, Payton Clark, and Kyler Klomp. The Soccer team works hard having practices every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Their games occur on Wednesday and Fridays. 

Before Fremont’s season starts, the majority of the players play for Club. 

Club starts from July to October, most of the players doing club and the Fremont team will be playing soccer year round. Or most of them will continue their training throughout the year. 

Many people believed that Fremont High School’s soccer team was seen more like the underdogs from the last season. 

“We didn’t come out as strong as we wanted to, because the first couple of games we came out kind of flat. Now we were able to bounce back and we are top second in the region.” 

Payton Clark, one of the captains on the team, reflects about this season. 

Coach Erwin says, “We were picked to finish near the bottom of our region and state and we graduated with some really good players last year, so I think everyone thought this year we weren’t going to be as good.” 

The soccer team has grown in the region and as a team. 

Kason Kotter, one of the captains on the team, expresses his opinion on the team this year, “I feel like we are all very well bonded and everybody’s pretty close. I think the past two years I’ve been on the team we haven’t been that close. But this year we are all really close.” 

The boys soccer team has won nine games and lost five this season. 

Photo Taken by: Nolan Thurston

Payton Clark has scored nine goals this season and Ryker Saunders with five goals, Dylan Bruce with four goals, Grant Morrison scored three goals this season, and Ezra Morrison scored two. 

Talking to the three captains, Payton Clark, Kason Kotter, and Kyler Klomp they all agree that they would like to continue soccer after high school. Whether they will try to sign for a college, or coach at some level. 

Payton Clark says, “Hard work beats talent and talent beats hard work.” Meaning that you have to work for what you want whether you are good at it or not. 

Fremont’s soccer team has increased the amount of players and the amount of wins this year. Make sure to support the team by going to their games on Wednesdays and Fridays. School Support is vital for spring sports such as soccer and plenty of other sports. Cheer them on and show school spirit for these great players of the year 2023-2024. 

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