Boys volleyball is here and they are having fun!

Boys volleyball has in recent years been a club sport at the majority of schools in Utah, but Fremont didn’t set up on the court until this year. The whole state unified it now, sanctioning the sport for Fremont and other schools, making it no longer a club sport, but an official school sport.

Braxton setting the ball for Devin

Since this is a new sport to Fremont, the other schools have had much more time practicing with clubs, making this a game of catch up for us. But with this being a Silverwolf team the spirits are high, making them driven to have a good time and work hard as a team.

Team getting ready for game to start

Many of the players admit they joined the team to spend more time with their friends. A notable performer is Luke Olsen, scoring the most points per game on the team.

The rest of the team is picking up the sport fast making it an all round great watching experience. The team reflects that they are going to just have to “Trust the process.” There is a lot of room for the team to grow for years to come. 

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