Career Options Post-High School

Upcoming Juniors have to start the search for where life leads them after High School

Every High School student struggles with the decision of where to go after graduating. There are so many options to try and pursue like college, tech school, a family business, or joining the military. 

The search for a career starts inside our school walls. The Weber School District has provided an opportunity for outlooks on different CTE pathways since grade 7, starting with the mandatory CCA classes that included coding, house skills, and a woodshop course. CTE options are limitless, ranging from academic standpoints to more hands-on skills like auto or woodshop. It opens up many available options later on like transitioning into a tech college, or even getting college credits done in high school with concurrent enrollment courses. Chad Marriot, Fremont’s CTE coordinator advises this option.

“With CTE pathways I always told my students to take my class and if you enjoy it then you get to start building on that skill with even more CTE courses that apply your interest. The more you capitalize on the pathways the better off you will be in your future,” Marriot states. 

Technical college is also a very encouraged route for future careers. Here at Fremont we have accessibility to OTECH, and even are offered free enrollment if taken while attending here. Even if you decide later down the line tech school is something worth engaging in, a lot of companies out there will actually pay for school as you are going with specific trades. Most plumbing, electrical, and auto mechanic companies will provide you with this advantage depending on the regulations. The range is large when it comes to licenses and certifications that can be acquired with a tech education, making it a very reliable possibility to look into.

Tech college can also lead into the bigger source of education which is a university college. Jessica Jensen is our college director at Fremont and she gives many reasons on why this is an overall clever decision to pursue. She states the many advantages that are reachable with a college degree.

“Data shows students with college degrees tend to be more financially successful in their adult lives, it opens up more career paths and offers more stability as well as mobility. Your degree always gives you something to fall back on, and can even give you a leg up in the workforce.” 

A college degree is something that is always available to fall back on at all times throughout your life. While college can be pretty pricey, resources throughout the past few years have also opened up immensely and provided many more choices of a course of action, including financial aid. Scholarship applications are accessible  at the click of a button, and are even encouraged with some of our own opportunities here at the school.

If none of these educational options suit your taste there are still many other routes that can be taken to remain successful. Family businesses are a lot more common nowadays, especially with the option of having an online business. One of the more popular career paths is also the military. We have recruiters come to our den every year for activities at lunch and provide information and resources for anyone interested in serving. Juniors looking ahead can start applying for scholarships now here.

Fremont Scholarship website

The idea of an occupation to maintain stability, while also enjoying what you do, is introduced to us by the time we leave elementary school. In reality the options and pathways that are available are almost limitless, and whatever suits you is what is the right one for you.

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