Who knew elbow-licking was a talent?


From rapping, to singing, to licking elbows, the 2018 talent show was not a show you’d want to miss. With eighteen groups, there was a wide variety of things to see on the stage. Some of the talents also included impressions, playing the piano, and poi balls, which is dancing with balls attached to strings and swung in rhythm.


“I actually auditioned as a joke and didn’t expect to be in the Talent Show, but when I looked at the list, I was pleasantly surprised,” revealed Mary Freston, who licked her own elbow.


The winners of the show weren’t announced until PackTV unlike in years passed when they did it at the assembly.


“The secretaries in the main office judged this year! Although I’m not sure if there were more than just them,” said SBO, Ashton Andrew.


The winners were Ashton Andrew and Ben Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper played the piano while he and Ashton sang “Japanese Denim” by Daniel Caesar.


“When Ben told me we had won, I didn’t believe him at first haha! But it felt so awesome to be a part of something that I love to do and to do it with Ben,” Andrew said.


The talents were chosen by the Student Body Officers through an audition process.


“Anyone can try out, and after you try out, officers pick the acts or performances that the whole student body would enjoy the most!” Andrew said.


Even with the pressure being a little high, the performers still enjoyed the atmosphere and supporting each other.


“It was actually a really close environment. Everyone was really nice to each other and cheering each other on, it was actually really sweet. A lot of sportsmanship, ” said Freston. “I like having a place where students with all sorts of talents can showcase it to the rest of their peers,” said Freston.


“We encourage everyone to tryout because everyone’s talents are so unique and so awesome!” Andrew said.

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Cinema releases worth the while


Buying the ticket and walking over to get some popcorn. Scuffling in to take the seat, getting comfortable as the previews barely start. Take a bite here, sip some soda there. The theater is slightly cold and a bit too loud. There’s no need to be bored on a Friday night when there are a lot of great things to go and see.

Intense action movies out for the break include Pacific Rim: Uprising, Black Panther, Ready Player One, and Tomb Raider.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is a sequel to the film Pacific Rim from 2013. This new film is set 10 years from the original film where the monsters have come back, causing destruction once again. A new team of heros has been prepared to fight these gargantuans. Although it is not a huge hit with critics, devoted fans are loving every second.

Black Panther has continued to kill the box offices and fans are loving it. This is the last film for Marvel before the launch the third Avengers film. Continuing to kill the box office, this film is wowing many audiences, but may be proving to be an acquired taste still.

Lara Croft is back in this reboot of the Tomb Raider series. Alicia Vikander takes on this role with precision as her character pushes herself to find her father after he disappears while trying to unlock an ancient mystery.

Ready Player One goes into the world of virtual reality as a a video game designer leaves his fortune for players to find. This film questions reality and audiences are pleasantly surprised with the effects and story of this new film from Steven Spielberg.  

If you want to see a fun film that will make you smile, Sherlock Gnomes or Peter Rabbit might do the trick. These are some heartwarming films to bring out the inner child.

Sherlock Gnomes is a sequel to the 2011 film Gnomeo and Juliet. Get a look at some new characters joining the cast including characters voiced by Johnny Depp, James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Michael Caine, Mary J. Blige, and many more.

Peter Rabbit is a modern retelling of the classic tale of Peter Rabbit and Farmer McGregor. This cast includes amazing actors James Corden, Sia, Margot Robbie, Daisy Ridly, Sam Neill, Rose Byrne, and the list goes on.

Of course there is always time for a good chick flick and possibly a few tears here and there. Midnight Sun and Love, Simon are ones to be looking out for.

Midnight Sun is all about a girl who has XP which is a rare skin disease in which she can’t go out in the sunlight. One night she meets Charlie, the boy she has been crushing on since the moment he went by her house when they were in Kindergarten. As the movie goes on, it becomes easier and easier to fall in love with a couple who is so in love with each other.

Love, Simon is a coming of age love story about a teenager who is struggling with his feelings and coming out to the people around him. This film promises to be funny, sad, and all around a heart warming adventure of young love and finding yourself.

With so many different things out, feel free to comment and let us know what movies are worth the watch right now!


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Don’t trust the mouse in Annex 5


Set the trap, take a breath, act like it’s not even there. Wait a bit. Wait a bit longer. Where is it? There it is! There it is again! Ugh! Why can’t they catch it?! This little mouse is reigning terror in Annex 5.


“We’ve removed everything that he might find attractive: food, comfortable places to hide, all that type of stuff,” said theatre teacher, Courtney Christison. ‘We’ve put out traps and the district will only let us use glue traps because then we don’t have to worry about any poisons around students which is really good for safety.”


It may feel like a lifetime, but the mouse has only been roaming around for a few months.


“Probably [since] the end of Cinderella, I’d say,” said theatre student Jaxon Franc. “No that’s probably not right. Yo! When did the mouse get here? Okay, since we got back from Winter Break I’d say.”


Students have made the best of the situation by naming the mouse Clarence and even buying mouse food to get a good laugh.


“He seemed like a Clarence,” said Mary Freston, the student who named the mouse. “Just the way he acted, very rude, eating everyone’s stuff. Scurrying about. Seemed much like a Clarence type.”


The students get a good laugh by buying Clarence mouse food.


“I actually hate the mouse,” revealed senior Savannah Dabb. “I thought it would be funny so we bought the food so it would be treated equally even though I hate it.”


No one is sure when the mouse is actually going to be caught or leave.


“If we keep going on the track we are going, he´ll probably stay here forever,” Franc said. “Because Clarence seems pretty smart.”


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Walking the red carpet


The lights were hung, the carpet was rolled out, everyone wore their evening wear, and it was a party that was unforgettable. The theatre department hosted their annual dance, Theatre Winter Ball, this February.


“Theatre winter ball is a dance put on by the theatre department and it’s a really good opportunity for lots of theatre departments around our district get together,” explained Jenny Stalder, Theatre Council President. We invite schools and we all come together and dance and party and eat food.”


The council spent weeks planning for the event and many of those who attended had a great time.


“It was a huge success for the theatre department!” said Stalder. “It was super fun. Our decorations were phenomenal, it looked so good. We had lights everywhere, we had fruit drinks, and cream puffs. It was really fun, we had our red carpet in the middle and then we had a lot of people from other schools come. We partied hard.”


Many people attended the dance, even those from different schools.


“We had a lot of Weber kids show up and a few from other schools that we invited, a it was really good turn out,” said Junior Maddie Grissom.


The dance overall went very well and the council was very pleased with the results of their hard work.


“I liked it a lot,” said Junior Maleah Reynolds. “I think our theme was really good, we all had a blast. The music was bumping.”


The department holds this dance every year and he council recommends for anyone to attend.


“It’s just like any school dance except it’s free,” said Reynolds.


“And it’s with a bunch of theatre kids. We’re pretty fun. And we invite other schools so if you have friends from other schools and you want to meet up….,” suggested Grissom.

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Behind the scenes action


Struggling to find that class that will fill your art credit and don’t want to draw, act, or photoshop? Well there is a class for you. Stage crew.


“There’s Intro to Tech and then there’s Stage crew. You have to take Intro to Tech before Stage Crew so you can learn all the prerequisite stuff,” said senior AJ Hansen, veteran tech student.


In the past there were just two stage crew classes, but this year, they decided to go a different direction.


“This is the first year we’ve done Intro to Tech for everything. When I was a sophomore, we just had two Stage Crew classes. And that’s how it ran. I’ve been in Stage Crew all three years,” said senior Brayden Seaman, another veteran tech student.


The tech students are the ones who run the assemblies and shows, along with building and painting set and much more.


“Moving set pieces on and off, calling cues is something stage management does. There’s spotlight people who have to follow the actors. Like you have to do costume changes offstage, help with makeup and stuff,”Hansen said.


Being backstage can be a fun time, but don’t underestimate how scary it can be.


“Pretty intense, pretty stressful. You got to be on top of things or you’re pretty much screwed. Like everyone is pretty much screwed if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do,” Hansen said.


Students who are also new to the classes getting a glimpse on how everything runs and are learning what to do.


“Right now we are learning how to build things and use power tools. It’s really fun. I’m waiting for the end so we can do costumes and makeup and stuff like that,” said junior Jonathan Urquiza, tech student.


Even though it can be a stressful thing, the students still love what they do and experiencing it all.


“Just being behind the creative process, you really get to build the world. That’s literally the point. Then the actors go and bring it to life. I think that’s… that’s probably the coolest thing, to watch that all unfold,” Hansen said.


“The most rewarding moment is…I think… I think I would have to go with when everyone finally has everything down. It’s the final dress rehearsal. Just coming together and just working. Most everyone is having a good time,” Seaman said. “The tech is finally getting their cues and understanding what to do it. It’s that ‘everything clicks’ moment.”


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Student-directed One-acts


Coming up on March 8th and 9th, the theatre department will be hosting auditions for their student-directed one-act plays . They will be held after school in the shack. (Mrs. Obray’s classroom) No prior audition material will be needed. Auditions will consist of nonsense scenes and cold readings from various scripts. There may also be a few movement and characterization exercises.
There are 6 one act shows that students can be cast in.  Each show will either be part of A cast or B cast. A cast will perform on April 20-21 and B cast will perform on April 27-28.  The shows that are being produced include:

Cast A:
Funny Thing Happened On The Way To 5th Period
Directed by: Savannah Dabb

Directed by: Makenna Thompson

The One
Directed by: Tyler Archibald

Cast B
The Devil in Sherman Marsh
Directed by: Jaxon Franc

The Girl in the Red Hijab
Directed by: Jenny Stalder

Barbie And Ken
Directed by: Kenlie Argyle


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Was Stranger Things 2 worth the wait?

stranger-things-season-2-2017-poster-72-1920×1080 (1)

Feelings are split on just how good the season was

Season two of Stranger Things made its debut in October of 2017, and personally it felt dull.

Although it had many exciting moments, the story didn’t progress. However, just like in movies, the sequel is never as good as the first. The second is more than less a pool of information that doesn’t add to the story or take away, just merely stepping stones leading to the upcoming season.

However, senior Tony Bodily felt the season was better than the first.

“I was in love with the first season and just ecstatic when the second season came out. I didn’t think that they could make a better season than the first. Yet they did,” said Bodily.

This season embraces more characters, and goes into depth with the new and old.

“I enjoyed that there were several storylines that we followed and they all merged into one,” said Bodily.

The plot follows with Eleven making a family discovery, Will’s ongoing adventure with the upside down, and Dustin using his paddles on a curiosity voyage.

Season 3 will be aired at the end of 2018 at the earliest.

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Playing in the Pit


There are many components to a play, including the hidden Pit Orchestra in front of the stage.


The lights grow dark and music floats through the air. Actors dance and twirl on stage. Singing rises over the audience, telling a story. Music dances playfully between scenes. But where does the music come from? That’s where the Pit Orchestra comes in.

The theatre department has a live orchestra instead of a soundtrack. The Pit Orchestra isn’t just string instruments, either. “It’s a combination of the band and orchestra students,” said Kendra Cragun, member of the Pit Orchestra.

There are multiple advantages to having live musicians.

We can vamp [repeat] or cut pieces as needed, or change the tempo,” said Shannon Lynch, a musician for the Pit Orchestra.

“We can adjust to the actors’ mood.”

However, there are certain risks involved in having a live orchestra. Musicians can make mistakes or lose their place. To compensate for that, the students work incredibly hard.

“We rehearse every day after school,” said Cragun.

Though they aren’t on stage, the Pit Orchestra is made up of stars. “We just add the little sprinkles on top that make it magical,” said Cragun.

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Getting in the Giving Mood

thanksgiving songs

Good and terrible Thanksgiving songs

Everyone goes straight from Halloween to Christmas. Songs change from creepy to cheery. However, Thanksgiving also has some song to help you get in the giving mood.

The first song I reviewed was Nicole Westbrook’s It’s Thanksgiving is not terrible but it was not good either. Her random ¨Alright. Come on” spoken throughout the song does not fit. However, for a middle school girl, it is good.

Adam Sandler singing his Thanksgiving Song is a great song to laugh to this Thanksgiving. He can not even get through it without laughing. He focuses on the food portion of Thanksgiving more than the giving feeling about it. He also talks about other celebrities in it. It is a fun song to listen to this Thanksgiving.

Thankful by Josh Groban is one of the best Thanksgiving songs.  He sings about how we must look outside of ourselves to “be the change” and to see everything we are truly blessed with. We all have “so much to be thankful for”. It inspires the giving spirit in those that listen to it.

Grateful from the movie Beyond the Lights by Rita Ora is another good song to listen to this Thanksgiving. It is about being grateful for all the hard times because they make you stronger and helped you get to where you are now. I think it would be a good song to listen to throughout the year but especially on Thanksgiving.


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Cinderella´s Man


Mr. Cinderella competition the week before opening night

Cinderella has mainly been a woman. However, Fremont switched it up by having a competition to be the male Cinderella.

Mr. Cinderella was hosted during both lunches the week of opening night for the school’s musical, Cinderella.

“It is a way to advertise and get people involved in the arts,” said junior Xanthee Pessetto, who was involved with the competition.

First lunch’s Mr. Cinderella was Bryson Mumford. Second lunch’s Mr. Cinderella was Jeff Hardy.

“They deserved it,” Pessetto said.

Event competitions included pumpkin painting, waltzing, and hair and makeup eventually leading to the crowning of Mr. Cinderella.

“I really liked the hair and makeup because it was funny to watch the boys struggle,” said Pessetto.

Tickets for the musical were sold during Friday’s event for four dollars.

“We actually sold a lot,” said Pessetto.

Tickets are on sale the following week on Thursday and Friday as well.

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