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Game of Ed’s?

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Get Ready All You Mothers of Dragons,

Ed Sheeran will guest throne on Game of Thrones on season seven debuting HBO on July 16, 2017.

Pretty sure Game of Thrones is the only thing on HBO besides Westworld, the wire, and terrible rom-coms.

If you don’t want to watch it with commercials every five minutes, just wait for it to come out on Amazon Prime. Or you know, you could just read the books.

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Body Shamer’s Strike Again


Trolls take to the internet to poke fun at Lady Gaga’s stomach during her halftime performance

Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl halftime show February 2. Many celebrities took to Twitter saying, “Wow @ladygaga killed the halftime show. Well done.”  said @nickjones. Katy Perry, who did the halftime show two years ago, said on Twitter, “Rooting for you @ladygaga! You got this #LittleMonsters.”

“I LOVED the halftime show!” said sophomore Abbigail Hock, Lady Gaga fan. “[Lady Gaga] goes above and beyond with everything, so it was no surprise that it was good.” Hock, who is in color guard, added “my favorite part is the color guard. When me and my sister saw the glowing blades in the background, we freaked out!”

Trolls took to the internet “body shaming” Lady Gaga, poking fun at her stomach while she performed. @PoliticsGhost said, ”I can see why Lady Gaga was breathing so heavy, her stomach was protesting her #superbowl performance. #LULZ #Gaga  #LadyGaga @LadyGaga.”

Cyber bullying is something that Fremont students should know all about after year and year of the cyber bullying videos we watch each and every year.

“Body shaming is ridiculous, and pathetic,” Hock said, “and it honestly made me upset when I saw all of it. People need to stop being petty.”

If you don’t know what a troll is, I offer my own definition.  It’s a low life person who feels so bad about themselves that the only way to make them feel good is to make fun of someone else. Usually, they are 40-year-old men and women who have never had any relations in their life and live in their parent’s basement.

Lady Gaga took to Instagram in response.

“I heard my body is a topic of conversation so I wanted to say, I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too,” Gaga said. “No matter who you are or what you do. I could give you a million reasons why you don’t need to cater to anyone or anything to succeed. Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions. Thank you so much everyone for supporting me. I love you guys. XoXo, Gaga.”

Lady Gaga’s response is taking the high road to the trolls. She could have been very rude, by body shaming the trolls, but instead she told everyone to be proud of their body, and not to cater to anyone to succeed, Which is very mature of her.

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Beyonce shocks country music fans with performance at the CMAs

beyonce cma 2


The 50th Annual Country Music Awards aired on November 2, with an unusual guest. Beyonce Knowles-Carter, known for her R&B and pop music, performed a song from her latest album along with the Dixie Chicks who performed a song of their own as well.

“Daddy Lessons” appeared on Knowles-Carter’s latest album, Lemonade, which is pretty political. She took a bit of a country twist on the song, which is about her father Matthew Knowles. The Dixie Chicks also covered the song while on tour.

Some Beyonce fans like that she performed at an unusual event, but some country music fans and singers are a bit upset that she got the chance to perform.

“Country music is good. People like Dolly Parton, Don Williams, and old singers like that I think are really quality,” said senior Jake Hogan, country music and Beyonce fan, “but the quality of country music in modern times I think is slipping and is going downhill and [I think] Beyonce is helping to revive the genre.”

Country singer Travis Tritt, however, disagrees. He took to Twitter on November 4, tweeting that he wants to know “when BET or SoulTrain awards are gonna ask a country artist to perform on their awards show,” even though SoulTrain has been off the air since 2006. There has also been many R&B/country music collaborations in the past few years, such as Nelly’s “Over and Over” featuring Tim McGraw.

“I am not a fan of country music,” said senior Brandie Miller, Beyonce fan. “[but] she has the freedom to do whatever she wants.”

Lately, Beyonce has been a very controversial artist, due to things such as her political activism, her performance at the CMAs, and performing a concert for Hillary Clinton. It seems as if by angering people who don’t agree with her, she is spreading her points of view by infusing politics and music better than ever.

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A&ENewsStudent Life

Inspiration through poetry


Student Tessa Kelley inspires others through her slam poetry

Tessa Kelley, a senior at Fremont, has been writing poetry since she was five. The poetry she writes and enjoys the most is slam poetry, or spoken word poetry. She began writing with the goal to connect with people. She wanted to create something that would outlive her and leave an impact.

“What inspired me to become a writer was the idea that I want to create something that’s going to outlive me,” Kelley said. “[I wanted to] leave an impact to one person, or a thousand people, just to prove that I existed.”

Kelley also enjoys singing, writing songs, watching movies, and walking her dog.

Her biggest inspirations have been her mom and her 7th grade science teacher. They both believed in her always and helped her become successful.

“She believes in me when I don’t believe in myself,” Kelley said in regard to her mom.

Kelley hopes to continue to share her talents with many others. She wants to find a way to be able to connect with the random strangers who listen to her poetry.

“The biggest thing about slam poetry is sharing a message with somebody,” Kelley said. “The main goal is to connect with somebody.”

Kelley usually performs her poems at Grounds for Coffee on 25th street in Ogden. She has also started a slam poetry club here at Fremont to help students who are interested in poetry.

“One time someone told me I was intimidating, and I’m really not,” Kelley said. “I really am the biggest dork.”


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Buying and Staying Local


Having student artwork in the hallways for all to see

Going through the hallways, students will see pieces of art that are pretty cool. The other cool thing about them, according to Michelle Montierth, art teacher, is that they were all done by past and present students. This has been going on since 2003 or 2004. There are approximately 25 pieces of art in the hallways that range from hand drawn to digital pictures.

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Montierth. “It is a great way [for students] to leave their legacy, and for the school to show value in the arts, and for kids to see what happens down here, and how much talent there is.”

Art students have the opportunity to sell their work to the school.

“The art department is going to take an inventory…of the artwork so they always stay at Fremont,” said Montierth. “That was part of the way I talked kids into selling them to the school. Sometimes they don’t want to sell them. It’s their opportunity to have their work seen by a lot of people, so we don’t want it to end up in someone’s living room.”

The art in the halls is a great way for students to leave their legacy in the place they spent three years of their life.

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A&EOpinionReviewStudent Life

You Can’t Stop the Beat!

hair spray live

Hairspray live a huge success

        Imagine a 10-year-old boy with the blondest hair, late at night in his basement. He is standing in front of his television learning the dance moves and lyrics to a Broadway classic called Hair Spray. The 10-year-old boy was me. Yes, me.

If someone who watched the Hairspray movie that came out in 2007 were to watch the 1988 one for the very first time they would be very confused. I sure was.

For one, Amber’s mom does not work at the television station. Second, her dad is still alive.In the 2007 Hair Spray, he “mysteriously” died from suffocation (pretty sure Amber’s mom killed him). On the live Hairspray he is also not alive, and if he is he’s not shown

In the first Hairspray, Amber and Link are not dating whatsoever. Tracy and Link are dating for more than half of the movie. One HUGE difference is that there is very little singing, and the one or two songs that there are, are not sang by the main characters. I was very SHOOK.

Hairspray live was like the 1988 Hairspray and the 2007 Hairspray had a baby but the 2007 Hairspray had the more dominant genes.

In my professional opinion, Garrett Clayton, who played Link Larkin, is 10,000 better and more attractive than Zac Efron who was Link Larkin in the 2007 movie.

Another thing that is different about the live Hairspray, and the 1988 Hairspray is that it’s called the Auto Show, but in the 2007 and live Hairspray it’s called The Teenage Miss Hairspray.

Overall the singing, dancing, and acting was really well done, since it was live there was sometimes that when they were on the streets that their microphone would not work for a little while or that the actors just need to take a breather from all the moving and singing.

hairspray 1
Photo Credit: Tyler Bell Penny Pingleton, and Seaweed J. Stubbs being confronted by Penny’s mom after they kissed on nation television.


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Musicals Aren’t Only For Geeks


Curtains open, the lights are up, and a cast entirely of Fremont students begin the opening scene of the Tony-award winning show, Redhead.

It had it all, songs about falling in love, songs about falling out of love, a very American ragtime, and even a chase scene that had the whole cast brandishing everything from pitchforks to wooden spoons.

This Broadway-level show didn’t start out seamlessly. Because the show is set in Victorian-era England, finding costumes for the cast of over 90 people was no small feat.

The head of costuming and professor at Weber State, Kelsey Nichols, searched for costumes all over Utah. Some came from Bonneville’s theatre department, some came from Weber State’s treasure trove of costumes, and still other pieces were created specifically for this show.

Wigs had to be reset each day, the makeup team put up to three hours outside of each rehearsal to make sure each hair strand was curled and pinned in place.

The three infamous red beards worn by Michael and Nathan Saunders, and Kaden Garcia were molded to their faces and made out of dyed and carded wool.

To top it off, star Haylee Thompson sprained her ankle a week and a half before opening night, she pushed through the pain however, being careful not to clue the audience in.

The Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards were highly impressed. Judges watched the first matinee performance, and gave glowing reviews of the choreography, the set, and the overall success of the show. Such high reviews will hopefully show in nominations to the  Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards this May.

From ensemble members to the Police Chief, Tanner Sase, everyone's costume was hand picked and fitted to create the world of Redhead.  Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
From ensemble members to the Police Chief, Tanner Sase, everyone’s costume was hand picked and fitted to create the world of Redhead.
Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
With a 90+ cast, hair trains like this became common in the women's dressing room.  Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
With a 90+ cast, hair trains like this became common in the women’s dressing room.
Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
Cast Members, Makeney Last Name and Jake Hogan danced along back stage to Essie's and Tom's ballad.  Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
Cast Members, Makeney Last Name and Jake Hogan danced along back stage to Essie’s and Tom’s ballad.
Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
The Saunders Twins and Kaden Garcia help each other dry the adhesive on their beards before Maddison Tenney and Kryslin Murray add the next layer Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
The Saunders Twins and Kaden Garcia help each other dry the adhesive on their beards before Maddison Tenney and Kryslin Murray add the next layer
Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
The cast getting ready for their first performance, cheering on their fellow cast members to get their energy up.  Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney
The cast getting ready for their first performance, cheering on their fellow cast members to get their energy up.
Photo Cred: Maddison Tenney


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The beats and the boys are back


Drumline continues to be a favorite of the student body


This phrase screamed over and over again is a common sound at any Fremont football game.  Thanks to our incredible Drumline, we get to lose our voices every weekend.  

Our Drumline consists of eight boys, who love to beat, tap, and drum on just about anything.

The boys never really stop practicing, in fact, throughout the entire interview they were drumming and twirling their sticks. They started practicing for this season last year. They continue to practice every single day to be ready for performances and competitions.

“It’s a whole lot of thinking,” said junior Max Lenzie, drumline captain. “One mistake definitely affects your score.”

The boys continue to impress with their performances during games, assemblies, and even after school in the commons.

“It’s just fun to jam out,” said senior Nevele Varble, bass four player.

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New slam poetry club


Poetry is something students learn about in English class, and they write their poems because it’s part of their grade.  Slam poetry had gained popularity and Fremont is adding their own club.

Senior Tessa Kelly, decided to start the slam poetry club because she loves getting “to see people change the way they think,” and she wanted to “help teenagers express what they think.”

The club will be meeting every Wednesday after school in Mr. Fendricks room, B-214.  Students of any level can come and learn about slam poetry. Students that are already writing their own poems can come and learn performance tips, and students who are comfortable performing can come and improve their writing skills.  Students of any level will be gladly welcomed.

Students will also be gathering every Friday at 6 P.M. at Grounds for Coffee on 25th street.  This coffee shop has an open mic night every Friday for high school students.

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Polished for the part


What to wear to an internship

Going from the relaxed, chill environment of school to a professional atmosphere can be tricky. Students often want to fit in with the clothing trends at school but those don’t always translate well into a polished look for an internship. Below are tips and tricks on how to dress for an internship.

First of all, it’s important to ask in an employer what the dress code is. It looks sloppy to show up underdressed, but can also be uncomfortable to work if you’re overdressed in a skirt or suit. Of course if an internship calls for a certain outfit – like scrubs for a medical environment – it’s crucial to always wear that uniform each day. If there’s no set uniform, internships can normally be broken up into three different environments – casual, semi-professional, and professional – which can help decide what to wear.

Casual – If you have an internship in a casual environment, jeans are okay to wear. Just make sure they’re not overly tight or distressed. Another good rule to follow with jeans is the darker the wash the more put together the outfit will be.

Loose tops, like a peasant blouse or white button up, are both good choices that aren’t overly professional. Tucking in the white button up and adding a belt adds a touch more polish and prevents wrinkles when sitting down.

Brown ankle boots and brown oxfords are great for transitioning into fall weather. To finish off the looks, add earrings, a ring, or a brown leather jacket. Another good accessory is a bag in a bright color – it stands out and also provides a place to store items since female jeans somehow lack pockets most of the time.

Semi-professional – This is the trickiest category to dress for because it can be very easy to overdress or underdress. To start, structured pants, like lavender trousers or gray dress pants, add just enough professional to the outfit. Again loose tops are a good choice – a black/white polka dot blouse is a classic piece or a light green button up brightens a normally neutral outfit. Black kitten heels and dress shoes help to complete the professional aspect of the outfits. Adding a silver watch and tie with green accents finishes off the guy’s look while quirky, bird earrings add a touch of personality and pick up the color of the trousers of the lady’s look. Once more, a neutral bag provides extra storage—a bright color is not needed since the trousers pack the main color punch of the outfit.

Professional – Structure and properly fitted clothing is key in this category. A suit that fits well in any color is great and is a must for a professional environment. A pencil skirt that hits knee length is also professional and is perfect for any body type. A brown button up shirt pairs great with a tan suit while a white button up tank top looks fresh and crisp for the lady’s look. Make sure to add a blazer over the tank top as modesty tends to be the preferred look in a professional environment. Brown dress shoes match the brown dress shirt and a patterned tie adds fun to an otherwise boring outfit. Navy blue heels and bag keep the bright blazer the main statement piece. Simple earrings and cufflinks finish off both looks.

If you’re struggling to find something to wear in any category of internship, there are a few rules to follow.

  1. Stay away from tight fitting and revealing clothing which tends to be too provocative for any internship environment. On the flipside, clothing that is too big looks sloppy.
  2. Make sure the clothing you’re wearing is comfortable, especially shoes. If your internship requires you to be on your feet all day, opt for flats instead of heels. It won’t look good if you’re limping around all day.
  3. The most important rule to follow is an outfit should always show off your personality and confidence. If lavender trousers or a tan suit aren’t your style, don’t wear them! Internships can be nerve racking but wearing an outfit that makes you feel on top of the world will help lessen the stress of the experience.
  4. If you do have to wear some type of uniform, own it. Uniforms aren’t boring if you let your personality shine through.
Jeans are okay for a casual internship but the outfit should still look put together.
Jeans are okay for a casual internship but the outfit should still look put together.
Semi-professional internship outfits can be more playful than outfits for professional ones.
Semi-professional internship outfits can be more playful than outfits for professional ones.
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