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2017-2018 Sterling Scholars


Senior students being recognized for their hard work and persistence in different categories along with leadership and service.

Jenny Stalder-Theatre/Forensics/Speech
Adriel Jessop- Vocal Performance
Maya Peterson- Visual Arts
Sarah Clark- Instrumental Music
Kaitlyn Smith- Dance
Ashley Chugg- Business and Marketing
Caleb Robb- English
Caden Probert- Mathmatics
Tony Bodily- Social Sciences
Amy Lund- Science
Matt Odenwalder- World Languages
Benjamin Cannon- Computer Technology
Kennedy Douglas- Skilled and Science
Technical Education
Emily Miller- Family & Consumer Sciences
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Faces of FremontPhotojournalismSilver Wolf of the Month

April’s Silverwolf of the Month

Rebecca Deem
Cheyenne Breeding with parents, nominated by Mrs. Selman.
Oaklie Sanders with parent, nominated by Mrs. Jones
Taylor Hawkins with parents, nominated by Mrs. Thorpe.
Carolyn Day with parents, nominated by Mrs. Christison.
Morgan Laub with parents, nominated by Mr. Ralph.
Samantha Berghout with parents, nominated by Mrs. Brown.
Jeff Hardy with parents, nominated by Ms. Sauvageau.
Allyson Cottle with parents, nominated by Mrs. Robbins.
Caleb Christiansen with parents, nominated by Mr. Sampson.
Jesye Butler with parent, nominated by Mr. Montgomery.
Max Austin with parent, nominated by Mr. Riley.
Ashlyn Mumford with parent, nominated by Mr. Mildon.
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Faces of Fremont

Paige Hock


Junior Paige Hock enjoys singing, occasionally dancing, and listening to punk rock and screamo.

When Hock was in seventh grade, Fremont’s Colorguard did a floor show at Rocky Mountain and she thought “it looked cool”. She tried out as a freshman, made it, and has been part of Colorguard ever since.

“It just kind of stuck,” she said.

One day during practice, she did a strip toss – throwing her flag in the air – and wasn’t able to catch it.

“It landed on my nose, cut my nose, gave me a bloody nose, and two black eyes,” Hock said.

But that didn’t stop her. “I finished the song and then I went to the bathroom [to get cleaned up].”

Most of her time is dedicated to Colorguard, but she loves it, especially “getting out there and the adrenaline rush of performing.”


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Faces of Fremont

Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper

Junior Jessica Harper loves playing soccer, softball and hockey. However, an accident over the summer put these sports on hold.

On July third, her and her brother drove their four wheeler over the side of a mountain and fell about 200 feet. They were both life flighted in critical condition; Jessica received several fractures and burns.

In addition to being hurt, Harper was upset because she missed the Fourth of July celebration, again.

“Every time I go to Yellowstone, that’s where [the accident] happened, I look forward to seeing the fireworks,” Harper said. “I’ve gone three years in a row and I’m either sick or injured every time.”

She started the school year in a walking boot but her and her brother are doing well and Jessica will try getting back into sports after physical therapy.

In the meantime, Harper enjoys watching Netflix and reading any historical fiction or poetry she can “get [her] hands on,” especially Edgar Allen Poe.

“[Poe] is dark,” Harper said. “But he’s really interesting to read.”

Photo credit: Acee Hepner


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Faces of Fremont

Josh Allen

WP_20151006_12_28_39_Pro (1)

Sophomore Josh Allen loves downhill mountain biking and playing the bass drum.

Being in the school’s Marching Band, he attends practices at six o’clock in the morning, four days a week and competes on Saturdays.

His favorite superhero is the Flash because “he has a cool power and serves people”, but, not being an avid fan of running, Allen doesn’t want to actually be the Flash.

“I want to name my son Barry after the Flash,” Allen said. “My brother is probably going to beat me to it though.”

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Faces of Fremont

Kaden Scoffield


Senior Kaden Scoffield enjoys hunting and rodeo when he isn’t busy pouring concrete with his dad. For him, near death experiences are something to shrug at.

Once while hunting, he hiked in too far on top of a mountain and had to stay the night in single digit temperatures without a sleeping bag. In the morning, he couldn’t even walk until he rubbed his feet to circulate blood.

“I think it’s just normal, but it’s probably not everyone’s idea of fun,” Scoffield laughed.

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Faces of Fremont

Meagan Zwick


 One brother collects swords, the other collects knives. But senior Meagan Zwick loves to collect older books. She often finds her books in thrift stores.

When Zwick isn’t reading, she enjoys cooking and taking care of her dogs, steers (boy cows), and her cats, one of which is named Zelda.

 She is also an active member of the school’s service club under the direction of Mrs. Doney and Mr. Premont. The service club meets before school to plan projects.

 Before Thanksgiving, Zwick participated in a food drive with the service club. She also took part in beautifying the school’s flower beds. Zwick has enjoyed her time in the club and is glad it was created.

 She loves to serve people and learn from books, especially the classics.

 “There are a lot of lessons you can learn from [books],” Zwick said. “For example, in the book Emma by Jane Austen, I kind of pulled out from it that we need to be kind to everyone but don’t try and make others what they’re not.

 Photo by Alicia Anderson; Caption: Zwick smiles as she speaks of old books and her time in the service club.


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Faces of Fremont

Kiera Nicholson


Kiera Nicholson is independent, focused, motivated, and a bit of a perfectionist. Even though she knows that turning in assignments late presents a problem, she refuses to turn something in before she is entirely happy with it, especial when it comes to art.

Four AP classes and a difficult family situation fuel the stress in Nicholson’s life. Her AP classes take up the majority of her time and keeping up with them is a struggle. However, her desire to climb ahead of the game and out of high school has her balancing three online classes, Math 1050 and the occasional 12-hour day at Lagoon this upcoming summer.

Regardless of her tension-packed life, Nicholson makes time for things she enjoys doing,  like “people watching” and seeing movies.

If she had the attention of the entire world for 10 seconds, she would get a translator and post her phone number.

“I can’t think of anything right now, so just text me and I’ll say something inspirational.”

PHOTO by Alicia Anderson; Nicholson enjoys a short break from school work.

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Faces of Fremont

Brandon Johansen

Brandon Johansen

On April 7, Brandon Johansen experienced his first day at Fremont. He was a Clearfield Falcon, but after not “really going to school,” it was decided that he and his twin sister would move in with their dad with the hope that living in the “middle of no where” would fix the issue.

Johansen enjoys being a twin and gets along with his sister most of the time, as long as they “aren’t arguing about stupid little things”.

He also loves hanging out with friends, playing video games and the color green. Being a fan of classic music, his favorite artists are Journey, AC DC, and Billy Joel.

Johansen believes that with “all this violence and stuff in the world,” people only need to hear one thing.

“Love eachother and be happy,” he says.

Photo by Alicia Anderson, Caption: Johansen enjoying his first day Fremont, welcoming people with a smile.

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Faces of Fremont

Caden Christensen

Caden Christensen, like most students, enjoys listening to music. But his love for music goes beyond listening. Four years ago, a friend of his dad taught Christensen how to play the drums, and he has loved it ever since. He joined the marching band this year as a junior. Christensen and a few of his friends started their own band, the Infinite xyst, and even though the group has yet to perform, they look forward to doing it soon.

Christensen says that playing drums is a part of his life, not unlike his most appropriate pseudonym, Beard.

“Yeah, that’s my nickname,” Christensen said with a chuckle.


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