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9 million dollar mansion donated by Ranger’s Pitcher

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Ranger’s pitcher, Cole Hamels is donating his 9.4 million dollar mansion to charity. The mansion is being donated to an organization called Camp Barnabas, which provides a summer camp experience for children with special needs and chronic illnesses. The mansion is built on a whopping 105 acre property including 1700 feet of shoreline on Table Rock Lake.

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FCC repeals Net Neutrality rules

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Imagine having the restrictions of the school Wi-Fi filter in your own house. Now, don’t imagine it because it’s about to become a reality. Yesterday the Chairman of the FCC Ajit Pai orchestrated the vote for the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to repeal the existing Net Neutrality rules, which protects consumers from Internet Providers from blocking or slowing down your internet traffic. The rules from 2015 were repealed in a 3 – 2 vote.  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman as well as the Attorney Generals of other states and The Free Press Action Fund are suing the FCC for: the basis of its broken process, deeply flawed legal reasoning, willful rejection of evidence that contradicts its preordained conclusions, and absolute disregard for public input. Another option to protect Net Neutrality. is the Congressional Review Act. With this law, Congress may block an agencies decision by passing a vote of disapproval in both chambers of Congress. Only 30 Senators are need to sign a petition to force a vote. If you disagree with the repeal of Net Neutrality you can text “RESIST” 50409 or go to You can also call your senators, Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch by calling 202-225-3121 and an operator will connect you to their offices.

The battle to protect the internet is far from over.

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NYC Subway Bombing


This morning in New York at 7:30, a man strapped a pipe bomb to his chest and went into the subway during the rush hour. He then detonated the bomb under 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Four people are injured including the suspect in question, but there are no life threatening injuries. The suspect’s name is Akayed Ullah. He is not a part of any Islamic terrorist groups but is said to be inspired by their attacks.

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Snapchat Update


For all I0S and Android users, Snapchat is coming out with a new update. It is a huge redesign that will start rolling in on Friday, December 1.

Snapchat’s goal is to conquer Instagram and revive it’s growth by splitting social and media.

They are separating the friend stories and the professional publishers page when you open the app, that will open to the camera, however there will be an icon to open every page.

Also now, Snapmap will open alongside the search bar so users don’t have to so that awkward pinch motion to open it.

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A Royal Engagement


Prince Harry, Grandson of Queen Elizabeth the second who is engaged to Meghan Markle, an American actress.

At the bright age of 33, Harry and Megan were officially engaged in November and their wedding will be held sometime in the spring of 2018.


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Momma’s Hands


Last week Jimmy Fallon’s mother died on November 6, it was Monday night and the weekly broadcast of the Jimmy Fallon Show.

He talked about his mother and talked about some memories with her. A specific memory of how she used to hold his hand and squeezed it tight 3 times and then would tell him she loved him.

Taylor Swift, the musical guest on the broadcast that night, performed a song named “New Year’s Day” from her new album “Reputation”. In the second verse of the song the lyrics say, “you squeezed my hand 3 times in the back of the taxi, I can tell that it’s gonna be a long road.” As Taylor finished Fallon and members of the audience were very emotional and touched.

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Charles Manson: Not the real loss.


Charles Manson, an evil faced hippie cult leader died Sunday night after over half a century in prison.

The new American Horror Story: Cult, recently aired their episode tht talked about his murderous cult works of killing the pregnant actress, Sharon Tate, and 6 other people in Los Angeles during the summer of 1969.

Michele Hanlsee, the president of Association of the Deputy District Attorney for L.A. says, “Today, Manson’s victims are the ones who should be remembered and mourned on the occasion of his death.”

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Red Rock Wedding


Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin, a young California couple got married on a space net over the Moab Canyon.

They said that they fell in love a year earlier surrounded by the red rock of Southern Utah and wanted to seal the deal exactly there.


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Amber Alert Explained


For the last couple days their has been an Amber Alert, This alert was about a father, John Coltharp, who kidnapped his children and their grandparents. The police arrested Coltharp but he wouldn’t tell the police where his children were. Coltharp took his children to join a religious cult with Samuel Shaffer. The two boys and the grandparents were found in a complex that was owned by Shaffer. The two girls were not in the complex, so an Amber Alert was issued and through the Amber Alert, a tip was given to where someone had last seen Shaffer. The two girls and Shaffer were found near the complex after a tip had been received from the Amber Alert roughly four hours later. Police have said that this is a great example of how Amber Alerts can be used to locate lost or kidnapped children.

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California Man Makes Plans to go to Space in Homemade Rocket


Mike Hughes has plans to launch a homemade rocket into space to prove that the earth is flat. He believes that the earth is a flat circle and the oceans are held together by giant ice walls that are Antarctica. He believes that he will be the first man in space because all of the other space mission were faked and the astronauts were actors.

“We need an individual who’s not compromised by the government,” said Hughes.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for Hughes and his mission to space it has raised 8,000 dollars to his cause.

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