CGI is Becoming More and More Popular in Hollywood

illustration : LUCASFILM

illustration : LUCASFILM

After an actor’s death, what does Hollywood do to finish the film?

Many producers have used computer generated imagery (CGI) because of the sudden death of an actor or actress. One example is Paul Walker in the movie “Fast and Furious 7”. CGI technology was used on Cody and Caleb Walker to make them look like their late brother, Paul.

However, not all actors can be replaced by CGI. After the death of Carrie Fisher, “Princess Leia” in the Star Wars movies, producers announced they would not use CGI to include her in any upcoming films.

There are also other reasons for using CGI. Mr. Smith, video productions teacher, said “…production companies are using CGI because it can be a little cheaper than building a huge set and paying for a camera and actors and the crew to run them.” He added that “instead of wood, nails and cloth“ sets and costumes can now be created using a computer.”

Smith also said that by using CGI, producers can “create stunts, actions, worlds, events, locations, time, people in any way possible.” Some things are just not possible without the use of computer generated imagery.

Smith said that in his experience using CGI, it can still take a long time to create and produce a film. For this, and other reasons, CGI might not always be the best way to go. Smith teaches his students that the first and most important question when considering the use of CGI technology, is “why” not “how”. If CGI is determined to be the best production method, Smith uses programs like “After Effects” and “Particle Illusion”.


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