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18 March 2019

Cinderella´s Man

Cinderella´s Man
Photo Credit: Emma Wiser Three boys competed during both lunch hours to be crowned Mr. Cinderella.

Mr. Cinderella competition the week before opening night

Cinderella has mainly been a woman. However, Fremont switched it up by having a competition to be the male Cinderella.

Mr. Cinderella was hosted during both lunches the week of opening night for the school’s musical, Cinderella.

“It is a way to advertise and get people involved in the arts,” said junior Xanthee Pessetto, who was involved with the competition.

First lunch’s Mr. Cinderella was Bryson Mumford. Second lunch’s Mr. Cinderella was Jeff Hardy.

“They deserved it,” Pessetto said.

Event competitions included pumpkin painting, waltzing, and hair and makeup eventually leading to the crowning of Mr. Cinderella.

“I really liked the hair and makeup because it was funny to watch the boys struggle,” said Pessetto.

Tickets for the musical were sold during Friday’s event for four dollars.

“We actually sold a lot,” said Pessetto.

Tickets are on sale the following week on Thursday and Friday as well.

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