Colors that pop

Colors that pop
ColourPop liquid lipsticks. Ultra Matte in the shade Viper, Ultra Satin in the shade Frick'n Frack, and Ultra Glossy in the shade Bestie. Photo: Anna Wilson

ColourPop comes out with a lip product that lasts through anything

Finding the perfect lip product for any occasion can be a struggle.  We all need something that will stay on through sweat, eating, the tears we cry during school, and anything else life can throw at us.  ColourPop’s newest lip products seem to do just that.

ColourPop has come out with new liquid lipsticks.  They come in matte, satin, and glossy finishes, and they are available in just about every color.  From nudes to deep reds, they even have shades of blue for a more daring look.  

I bought these lip products on a whim; I was looking for something new and stumbled upon these.  Now I am in love.  This is why:

  1. They come in so many colors. There really is something for everyone.  Whether you need something for a formal event or casual wear, they’ve got it.
  2. They do not move off your lips.  This is not an exaggeration.  I wore the Ultra Satin lip color in Frick‘n Frack to homecoming and it stayed on all night.  After a lot of sweat, drinking water, and even having water dumped on me a few times, my lips still looked flawless.  Although, the glossy formula does not stay on nearly as long as the others.
  3. They are easy to apply.  I need all the help I can get when it comes to applying makeup, but even I can apply these without looking like the joker.
  4. Best of all, they are super inexpensive! Each one is only six dollars.  One downside is that they don’t sell them in stores, so you have to order online, but I promise it is worth it.
  5. Finally, it was surprisingly really easy to remove.  A simple swipe of a makeup remover wipe and it was gone.  They matte one was a little bit harder to remove, but still fairly easy.

ColourPop also sells many other great products.  I have also tried their Lippie Stix, a standard lip stick, and they are also a favorite of mine.  They also sell lip liners, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeliners, and eyebrow products, all of which have great reviews.  ColourPop is definitely a website you’ll want to check out soon.


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