Dallin Saunders: Mr. Fremont 2015

Through the lunch activities, early breakfast, assembly, and all the smiles in between, it might be surprising to some that planning and participating in Mr. Fremont Week can also be stressful. Many don’t know the work the National Honor Society officers and the boys put into the week making sure it’s fun for everyone.

“The hardest part to coordinate were the materials each boy needed,” said Augie Witkowski, President of National Honor Society.

For several years, Mr. Fremont has been put together by the NHS club. What made it even more stressful this year is that NHS had all new advisors and officers with no experience planning anything this big.

“The assembly was definitely hard,” said Witkowski. “I had no previous experience with assemblies and what the stage crew needs.”

While the assembly did receive great feedback and people seemed to enjoy themselves, everyone did notice a new method: voting. In the past, judges would score each boy depending on their performances and whoever had the highest score would win. This year, it was up to the student body to decide. Students could text in their votes as many times as they wanted to crown the winner.

“Since the competition is labeled “Mr. Fremont,” it only makes sense that the students got to choose the winner,” said Witkowski.

While everyone was calmly voting, backstage was a little chaotic. Nobody knew if the system could handle all the votes coming in at one time. Once they were in however, Dallin Saunders was crowned Mr. Fremont. 2nd Runner Up was Taylor Kirby, 1st Runner Up was Pake Hadley, and Paxton Merrill was Mr. Congeniality.

“I think the students got it right,” said Pake Hadley. “I’m glad Dallin won. He deserved it.”

Despite all the fun, Hadley agreed that there were stressful times during the whole week.

“I didn’t like being woken up so early for breakfast on Tuesday,” said Hadley, smiling. “But the worst part had to be all the screaming fans.”

Despite all the stress, the officers and guys pulled off a great time for everyone.

*Photo Credit – Acee Hepner; Caption – Dallin Saunders crowned Mr. Fremont 2015.

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