Photo Public Domain Third quarter is mostly all hard work and no play.

It’s normal to have shortcomings this quarter.


The sounds of scraping pencils seems to echo in the room. Your eyelids begin to droop even though you fight it. You have a big test coming up but you can’t seem to bring yourself to finish your homework.

Welcome to third quarter. The quarter that multiple students agree is the hardest quarter. While other quarters have multiple breaks, or the adrenaline of being back to school or leaving it, third quarter has none of these. “Third is just the ‘bleh’ in the middle,” says junior Shannon Lynch.

If it feels like you can’t catch a break, it might be because you literally can’t have a break. While third quarter is statistically the shortest quarter, with only 44 days instead of 45 or 46, there are only two breaks; President’s day and the ACT, which is only a break for some students. “We don’t get a break at all in third quarter,” says senior Madeline Witkowski.

But don’t despair! The school year is halfway over and there are multiple ways to keep you motivated. Plan things on the weekends. Eat a different breakfast. Anything to break up the routine. “Feeling the anticipation and the excitement during [weekend plans] gives you a break from the drag,” says Lynch.


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