DIY adult life

DIY adult life
Illustration By: Alicia Anderson

Six tips on how to save money for life after high school

We’re almost out. College, careers, and  “adult life” is ahead of us. Plus, we have the confidence that life after high school will be paradise, right?

A curfew? We’re 18 now. Want to eat a cupcake for dinner, sure go ahead! Bed not made? No big deal. The fact of it is, we are big kids now. But, there’s a catch.

Sure, We’ll miss mom and dad pitching us $20 here and there for food and gas. The everyday McDonald’s and Wendy’s runs during lunch with best friends will only be a memory. Oh, let’s not forget early morning breakfast before school on late starts.

But, this is real life now. And, this isn’t a “Don’t spend your money! ”Lecture .. This is a “Get your priorities straight or you’ll be eating ramen every night,” type of peptalk.

Budgeting after graduating high school is foreign, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to just magically know how to do it. Why? Because, most likely, we have never done it before.

So, here are a few things that you can do to make “adult life” more manageable.


#1.  Learn the difference betweens needs & wants

Here’s an easy way to figure out if you need the item, or if you just want it. If you want to buy something, don’t buy on impulse. Wait a few days to get it, and if you are still hung up on having it, then go back and buy it. Or, if the importance of that item has withered away, save the money and don’t make the purchase.

#2. Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry

Do I even need to explain? We’ve all done this at least once before. Everything looks appetizing, which then leads to piling every yummy thing into your basket. Eat at home, go to the store, and leave as soon as possible.

#3. Avoid name brand things. How good does the “name” really taste?

Name brand and store brand are often times the exact same. Don’t believe me? Check the ingredients, and you will see the similarities. Not only will it taste the same, but it costs less.

#4. Pay your bills *FIRST* then look at what you have left to spend

Pay your phone bill, car payment, rent, etc. first. That way, you will have your needs paid for, so you can reward yourself with the things you want, without being late on another payment. Better yet, tuck the extra money into savings. This will benefit you in the long run.

#5. Water…Its FREE

Start drinking more water (you know you keep telling yourself to do it anyways). Not only is it better for you, but it is cheaper! And Often times, FREE

#6. Pay attention to who you are hanging out with.

Are you spending your Friday nights with the friends who want to go out to eat or the friend who is down to chill at your cozy apartment, or even just stroll the city? Don’t be afraid to say “no”. Especially if saying no helps you save money.

Good luck Seniors! See you all in 30 years. *inserts waving hand emoji*


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