Don’t let the Motorcycle riding season sneak up on you!

With the weather getting warmer and summer right around the corner, you are going to see a lot more people on motorcycles getting out So here are some things you should be on the lookout for while driving to make motorcyclists more comfortable while riding on the road, riders are putting their lives into the hands of the drivers around them, and into their own experience.

When on the roads you should be extra cautious of your blind spots and maybe turn down your volume in your car so you can hear the bikers approaching. If the weather has gone sour after some sunshine, make sure that you are patient.

If you have a motorcycle and plan on riding this summer, You need to make sure that the weather isn’t going to affect you in a negative way and that you are comfortable in it. You also need to make sure that you are driving more defensively than anything else. This means you should be more scared and take less risks. Stoffers, a math teacher here at Fremont says when you are on the road you have to pretend you are invisible to everyone around you.

Also make sure that you have the proper equipment on. This doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed that it will keep you alive, but it will definitely help your odds of surviving an accident. Mr Parra, History teacher and frequent biker said, “You don’t wear a helmet for IF you get hit you wear it for WHEN you get hit.”

Utah is a difficult spot to ride, Mr Parra said ¨Utah is by far the worst state to ride a bike in out of the 48 states I have ridden my bike in.¨ Parra also recommends taking a course on how to ride a bike safely. It will take you 6-8 weeks at any DMV to do and cost you about $18, but that information could save your life.

Driving motorcycles is not a game and they are not a toy. Riding a bike puts your life at risk as soon as you get on a bike. Some states have higher populations but are more used to bikes year round. With people in Utah not being completely used to bikes being out.

Driving motorcycles also depends on how you use the bike. Is the bike going to be for your main transportation, or just for rides for recreational use. Mr Stoffers, a math teacher and motorcycle enthusiast, said, “I try not to be on my bike for longer than an hour on main roads, I use mine for off-roading, to go on back roads.”

On the main roads you will commonly see bikers splitting lanes and getting to the front, this isn’t because they don’t wanna wait in the line, it’s a safety issue. They get to the front of the line so they can be the first out and so that you can see them. Mr Stoffers, a math teacher said “Don’t try and race them cause they are trying to get away from you not race.”

Stay safe on the roads, riders and drivers, make sure to look both ways and check your blind spots twice and keep a lookout for bikers.

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