Don’t trust the mouse in Annex 5

Don’t trust the mouse in Annex 5

Set the trap, take a breath, act like it’s not even there. Wait a bit. Wait a bit longer. Where is it? There it is! There it is again! Ugh! Why can’t they catch it?! This little mouse is reigning terror in Annex 5.


“We’ve removed everything that he might find attractive: food, comfortable places to hide, all that type of stuff,” said theatre teacher, Courtney Christison. ‘We’ve put out traps and the district will only let us use glue traps because then we don’t have to worry about any poisons around students which is really good for safety.”


It may feel like a lifetime, but the mouse has only been roaming around for a few months.


“Probably [since] the end of Cinderella, I’d say,” said theatre student Jaxon Franc. “No that’s probably not right. Yo! When did the mouse get here? Okay, since we got back from Winter Break I’d say.”


Students have made the best of the situation by naming the mouse Clarence and even buying mouse food to get a good laugh.


“He seemed like a Clarence,” said Mary Freston, the student who named the mouse. “Just the way he acted, very rude, eating everyone’s stuff. Scurrying about. Seemed much like a Clarence type.”


The students get a good laugh by buying Clarence mouse food.


“I actually hate the mouse,” revealed senior Savannah Dabb. “I thought it would be funny so we bought the food so it would be treated equally even though I hate it.”


No one is sure when the mouse is actually going to be caught or leave.


“If we keep going on the track we are going, he´ll probably stay here forever,” Franc said. “Because Clarence seems pretty smart.”


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