Dumbing down for love

Girls too often resolve to acting like airheads to ensure that the guy they like has a crush on them back. Is this making the boy like them, or like the idea that the dumbed-down girl could be disposable? Belittling oneself in order to please the opposite sex is an indicator that the relationship will not last. Either the girl will be frustrated with the incompetence of her crush, or she will only be used as a temporary fling.

For a more long-term relationship, boys want someone they’re not only physically attracted to, but also someone they can maintain a conversation with. “A stupid person wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about,” Damion Breedon had to say about the topic.

When asked what his preference was, Connor Rules explained that he would want “an intelligent girl for a committed relationship and a stupid girl for a short period of time.”

Sure, pretending to be bad at mini golf will get his arms around you, but pretending not to know anything about anything won’t get his arms around you for very long. Girls shouldn’t be afraid to have a voice or a brain, and use them.


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