Fall doesn’t fall short of expectations

Besides new foods and clothes, what other things are there to do during Autumn?


Fall is here and pumpkin spice is in the air. More layers are being put on and people are spending more time indoors as the weather gets colder. Department stores are turning orange, yellow, red, and brown to match the Autumn Season. Grocery stores now sell everything from shampoo to birthday cakes in pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

Obviously, a lot of changes are taking place. Some stores completely redo all of their indoor and outdoor decorations to corn stalks and pumpkins. But what is so enchanting about Fall that cause people to react this way?

“I love to hang out at parks, they’re just gorgeous,” said Kohrman Osenbach, SBO officer. “Hiking is also fun, but the best is just to be outside cause this season is so pretty you don’t want to miss it.

The hikes are a big part of fall, and the Rocky Mountains turn an amazing rainbow of purples, yellows, and reds.

“Fall is seeing the mountains turn purple and red and watching crunchy leaves get blown around in the cool breeze, and going to corn mazes and carving pumpkins, and wearing thick sweaters and drinking steaming hot cocoa,” said Kylie Howse, senior. “It’s just cozy.”

However, everyone knows about and goes on hikes during the Fall. It’s kinda expected. But what else is happening during Autumn besides hiking the colorful trails and ruining your taste buds until all you can taste is pumpkin?

First off, the corn mazes. There are two really big ones in our area. The first being the one at Green Acres on 4700. There’s two corn mazes, one haunted, one regular maze, plus food, slides, corn piles, a bouncing pad, and a corn haul. The other maze is the Corn Maize for those students in Hooper and West Haven. This maze has food, a pumpkin patch, and two mazes. One of the mazes is a haunted maze where you can shoot zombies with laser tag rifles.

Another great part of Fall is all of the Halloween attractions. Fall has two great holidays in it, Halloween and Thanksgiving. And there are tons of Halloween themed places to go to.

The Haunted Hollow is probably one of the biggest haunted houses in our area. Located on 1550 South, this haunted house isn’t a normal house. After walking through the actual ‘house’ portion, you’re sent into 13 acres of haunted area. There’s goblins and zombies and more hiding behind trees trying to scare you.

Another big attraction is Frightmares at Lagoon. Once a year, Lagoon completely changes and becomes a place only the brave go. Workers are dressed up in costume chasing customers around the park as the enjoy Lagoon.

If you are more willing to travel, the McCoard Mystery Corn Maze in Provo is a riot. They have multiple different attractions including minigames and three different corn mazes. The corn mazes vary in length, the Kid’s maze being 0.3 miles, the Adventurous maze is 1.4 miles, and the Insane maze is 3.8 miles. There’s a hay ride, a zipline, food, and a pumpkin patch. Sold separately is Zombie Paintball. You ride a trailer and shoot live zombies with paint guns before they get to the trailer.

Other attractions are the Fear Con and the Fear Factory. Both are located in Salt Lake City. The Fear Factory is one of the scariest haunted houses around, ranked #20 in the world in 2016. There are multiple attractions, such as the zipline, the freefall, the zombie bus, and option glow necklaces that let workers know that you will allow them to touch you to scare you. The Fear Con is a venue that celebrates Halloween with shows such as the Vampire Circus and more. There is multiple sideshow acts, main venues, and Haunted and Escape rooms.

Of course, if you’re not looking for something as scary, there’s always the haunted corn mazes. They can be found at almost every corn maze. Most will have two seperate mazes, one to scare, and one to mess around in. It just depends on what you’re looking for. The most important thing is to have fun.

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