Fourth Quarter Fundraisers

Various clubs and sports do fundraisers every year during the fourth quarter. Clubs like The Paw Print, Latinos in Action, Plant and Soil classes, and Girls Basketball.  

Mr. Checketts, the advisor of Paw Print states,“It costs a lot of money to print newspapers these days, and the funds we receive at the beginning of the year just aren’t enough for us to print all four issues. (one per quarter).” 

The Paw Print used to only rely on advertisements to pay for publishing the issues each quarter.  Mr. Checketts continues, “In the last couple of years it’s gotten really hard to get companies to do advertising, and most of the time it ends up being like a relative of our staff members.” 

For the fourth quarter Paw Print did a Soda Bar fundraiser to earn enough money to pay for an issue. The money will go towards other supplies the school newspaper needs like cameras and possibly funds for a field trip in the future. 

Lauri Schmidt and Traci Armstrong

All the funds raised for The Paw Print will go towards the most recent club and any leftover funds will be turned over for the next coming year. Mr. Checketts informs that doing the Soda Bar was a very successful outcome and looks forward to doing the same one in the future. 

Latinos in Action (LIA) also did a fundraiser at the end of April. 

Mr. Sampson, the advisor of Latinos in Action, claims. “The idea of doing the fundraiser is obviously to earn some money for our program to go to conferences and do other activities in class. Also to have money for t-shirts and jackets.” 

Latinos in Action have done this fundraiser in previous years selling tacos between both lunches and making enough money for their club by doing it. 

 Mr. Sampson claims, “We sold tacos last year and it was a pretty good success. It also gives the club a chance to run the show because it is a leadership based class, so I’m just the advisor.” 

The president for Latinos in Action is Leslie Evia Perez; she is also the organizer of the fundraiser they did this year. 

Plant and Soil classes also do their greenhouse sale to fund the classes and pay for soil. Their fundraiser went from May 8th and 9th selling flowers, vegetables, and fruits. 

Greenhouse Sale taken by Jack Deamer

The Ag department of Fremont presented a Greenhouse Sale this month to bring in support and show off their skills. 

Faith Richins is the organizer of this sale stepping in to help Mrs. Henderson while she is out for maternity leave. All of the proceeds gained from this sale go right back to Fremont’s Agricultural based classes to continue to let them do more activities following years. 

Ms. Richins was very pleased with the turnout of students that attended.“It was crazy! There was a lot of support which we really appreciate, I’ve been impressed with the support we have received.”

taken by Jack Deamer

In addition, the excitement of dribbling and defending starts at the end of this month. The annual girls basketball clinics for the younger girls starts up May 28th. These camps help the teams funding a lot by bringing in money, but also introducing themselves to potential future players on the team. 

Girls Basketball Coach Dalebout enjoys these clinics because of all of the opportunities she watches her players receive and the opportunity for the one of the littles to join in a few years. “Most of the girls on the highschool team now came as little girls. I think when you have to teach and instruct you get better at the skill as well so it is an improvement to my girls as well. I’ll put them in little groups and the players will run the clinic and teach them how to do skills, they are the coaches to the tiny girls.”

As the year comes to an end all the clubs and organizations here at Fremont wrap up their last go on fundraising for the next year. The support of all of the students continues to persist and results in our school maintaining a well versed community of interests.

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