Fremont’s New Addition

The ups, downs, and overall thoughts on new section of school.

Around February of last school year, construction of 12 new classrooms began. Now with the new school year kicked off and rolling, the new addition is in use.

“I think the extension of the school was overdue,” said Mr. Ralph, jewelry teacher. “Since I’ve been at Fremont, roughly 8 years, I’ve been in the same tiny room. It was a great room in a great location and I loved it, but for how many students are in each of my classes and all of my equipment in the room, it gets crowded fast.”

The 12 rooms that were added are all equipped with the newest technology and innovative student furniture. But with all of those features among countless others, some of the rooms don’t have counters, sinks, etc.

“It’s kind of weird to walk through the new section of the school,” said junior Rachel Nichols. “Some of the rooms are all decked out with fancy technology and some don’t even have the most basic things.”

Although there seems to be some minor hiccups like unfinished floors and counters, the rooms are still able to function and it is impressive how much has been achieved since the start of construction. As well as the 12 new classrooms, there is also a new bathroom and several new outside entrances. It’s been an interesting, exciting, new thing that has the whole school buzzing, even the teachers.

“I am so excited we got the ‘ok’ for the new add on,” said Mr. Hugie, Spanish teacher. “This is only my 3rd year teaching at Fremont, but I went from being in an old muggy trailer to a brand new room with all of this cool tech, so yeah, I’m pretty excited.”

“The transition from room to room was fairly seamless,” Ralph said. “It was a lot of work and definitely not the most relaxing summer I’ve had, but I would not trade it; I’m so glad to be in a brand new room with ample tech and gadgets, good AC, and an awesome view!”

Not every teacher that got a new room was in a portable however; several came from other classrooms that were in the already existing structure before the construction of the new addition. Most teachers that came from rooms already in the building were either placed there to be grouped in their department or because they needed special features or a more complex setup.

“This technology in this new section of the school is great,” said Ralph, “But I just needed some things that I didn’t have in my old room, on a safety level. In my class, students have to operate serious and potentially dangerous machinery and substances; and I’ve only had to wash a student’s eye out once, but it was in a sink when I did it. So obviously I’m beyond excited to have a new, fully functioning eye washing station among many other things!”

All in all, the new add-on of the school is a pretty hot topic of discussion floating around the school. It’s all pretty thrilling territory for students as well as staff, considering how long it took to get the bond passed, and the funding to build from the district. And now that the new addition is nearly complete, the community is excited.

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