Getting in the Giving Mood

Good and terrible Thanksgiving songs

Everyone goes straight from Halloween to Christmas. Songs change from creepy to cheery. However, Thanksgiving also has some song to help you get in the giving mood.

The first song I reviewed was Nicole Westbrook’s It’s Thanksgiving is not terrible but it was not good either. Her random ¨Alright. Come on” spoken throughout the song does not fit. However, for a middle school girl, it is good.

Adam Sandler singing his Thanksgiving Song is a great song to laugh to this Thanksgiving. He can not even get through it without laughing. He focuses on the food portion of Thanksgiving more than the giving feeling about it. He also talks about other celebrities in it. It is a fun song to listen to this Thanksgiving.

Thankful by Josh Groban is one of the best Thanksgiving songs.  He sings about how we must look outside of ourselves to “be the change” and to see everything we are truly blessed with. We all have “so much to be thankful for”. It inspires the giving spirit in those that listen to it.

Grateful from the movie Beyond the Lights by Rita Ora is another good song to listen to this Thanksgiving. It is about being grateful for all the hard times because they make you stronger and helped you get to where you are now. I think it would be a good song to listen to throughout the year but especially on Thanksgiving.


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