Girls’ Soccer keeps positive attitude despite tough season

Girls’ Soccer keeps positive attitude despite tough season
Fremont vs Syracuse

The girls soccer team is just winding down from an interesting season. The girls played nearly every Tuesday and Thursday since the beginning of school, with the last game being on October 4th.

“[The season] has been pretty rough,” says Junior Sydnee Stephens, goalie and three-year veteran for the girl’s soccer team, “We won 2 games and I think tied 2, and the rest have been losses.”

Looking back on those games, Stephens added, “We’ve had so many close games that we could have and should have won.”

Athletes are always aiming to improve and perform better than they did in the previous game. Every team has a different way of going about that, but they usually have the same goal: to improve as a team and become better and stronger athletes on the field.

“We’ve talked about team unity,” Stephens said, “and just kinda making sure we can trust each other and work together, and just be able to rely on one another. Make sure we can get the goal and be a team.”

“First off, we need to win games next year,” adds sophomore Payten Ivins, forward and two-year veteran for the team, “but in order to do that, we need to do different things in the game and try to do the best of our abilities.”

“We could have played together as a team instead of more individual,” Ivins says. Unfortunately teamwork is a trait that is much easier said than done.

The soccer team has decidedly had its ups and downs this season, including an intense head-to-head with Davis that ended in a last-minute tie, along with other wild minutes, halves, and entire games.

Regarding the game against Davis, Stephens said, “That one could have gone either way. [It] was a fun game that we all got into.”

There is something to be said about the effects of teamwork during games.

“It really is a team effort,” Stephens says, “We worked hard and we’re ready to go again next year and hope for a better turn out.”

“We did really good and improved [when] we played as a team,” Ivins says, “and it showed what you can accomplish.”

“One person can’t do everything,” Ivins adds, “As a team we can accomplish a lot more.”

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