Girls soccer loss to Layton

Girls soccer loss to Layton

The girl’s soccer team went head to head with the Layton Lancers on Thursday, August 30. Despite the many shots taken by both teams, Fremont lost the game with a final score of 1-4.

Three shots were taken by Layton In 15 minutes, though none of them scored. Most were stopped by the goalie, Sydnee Stephens, and one just missed the goal.

When there were just eleven minutes left of the first half, Susan Sweeten scored the first goal for Layton.

Only three minutes later, Fremont was very close to the goal but just fell short when trying to score.

When there were only five minutes left in the first half, Layton’s Journee McDowell scored the second goal. One more shot was taken by Layton and caught by Stephens, and the half ended with a score of 0-2.

Eight minutes into the second half, Fremont had a shot, but Layton’s goalie caught it before it could cross into the goal.

Just four minutes later, Layton took a shot, which was blocked by Stephens. Not missing a beat, Brynlee Roberts shot, and this time the ball crossed into the goal for their third goal of the game.

With twenty-four minutes left in the game, Layton took another shot, but it bounced off of the goal post.

For the next ten minutes, the ball went back and forth between the teams, though no one took a  shot.

Those ten minutes came to an intense and abrupt stop when suddenly Layton took four shots in less than one minute.

After one more shot from Fremont, with only five minutes left, Layton’s Erin Bailey scored their last goal of the game, despite one more close shot.

With four minutes remaining in the game, Fremont’s Taylor Chugg scored a goal for Fremont. This was the last goal of the game.

The game ended shortly after with a final score of 1-4.

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