Hallway Ettiquette: It’s a Thing

Hallway Ettiquette: It’s a Thing
Illustration: Alicia Anderson

Students learn everything but how to walk

Hallways. The unavoidable highway-like traffic of high school, except with motivational posters. Hallways are a get away for some students, a hangout spot for others. Its true, a lot of things occur in the hallways and poor manners is one of the 99 problems we see in the glossy runways leading to our own personal hell.  Whether it’s kissing,walking the wrong direction, or blocking the hall with groups of friends, these are daily struggles that if we reduce, would make our school a more pleasant place to be.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to safely and efficiently make your way to class before the bell rings and you are unable to complete the task due to “herds” of students standing right in the middle of the already narrow hallways. Instead of being able to walk straight to class, we find ourselves having to swerve, awkwardly squeeze through, or even fight past groups of people who cannot simply take the time to congregate on the sidelines, rather than in the middle of our paths. We get it. You don’t get to see all of your friends at once very often, but just don’t block the middle of the hallway doing so.

Another thing students fail to understand is that navigating our halls is much like driving, you always stay to your right. There is an “up” and “down” lane on each side of the hall. This frees up both sides of the hall, so students going the same direction get to their destination without running into walls or being slowed down when stopping to let others pass. The blank lane in the middle of the two directions? That, my friends is the “turning lane”. This lane is to be used when you are walking on the right side of the hall but your classroom is located on the left. Similar to when a car is turning at an intersection, the driver has to wait for a break in the cars to turn. This works the exact same way. Bet you didn’t know that you would learn hallway etiquette in drivers ed too.

Last but not least,everyone’s favorite topic: PDA. We know you love your boyfriend/girlfriend, you know how we know? Because we all see you doing the kissy kissy in front of us any chance you get.

You’re not going to get to see your significant other for a whole 90 minutes, which is truly tragic, but not tragic enough for a full on makeout sesh. A simple peck on the lips is enough for everyone witnessing your personal Taylor Swift music video.

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