Haunted House Series; Nightmare on 13th

Haunted House Series; Nightmare on 13th
Getting the crowd ready for their experience at Nightmare on 13th, this vampire lord welcomes all guests willing to scream their heads off.

By: Kaydee Nelson

Jr. Editor-In-Chief

Calling all Silverwolves! Throughout October, The Paw Print has been traveling around Utah to give you some frightening insight on some of the best haunted houses and attractions this Halloween season. On October 4th, we traveled to Salt Lake City for our first destination in the series, Nightmare on 13th, claimed to be the #1 haunted house in Utah and featured not once, but twice on the travel channel.
The fun began with a dance party and some unlikely party guests crashing the scene, which made even standing in line half of the fun. Next, an excellent pre show that introduced the 3 wicked attractions for 2014 which included Swamp Blood, Delirium, and Haunted Hollywood all of which featured something for everyone.
Whether it was wading through the haunted swamps of the Louisiana, being chased through a maze of clowns, or having an encounter with Jason Vorhees himself, the entire haunted house challenged all 5 senses, which is something new compared to other haunted attractions.
From experiencing the smell of wet dog to struggling through a room that challenges gravity, to misleading screams from all directions. The overall experience was definitely a frighteningly pleasant experience. All staff members were nice and accommodating, and the atmosphere was fun and lively.
To get the best out of your experience, I suggest traveling in smaller groups, walking can get pretty crowded at times and your chances of getting spooked are higher. Also, for the Haunted Hollywood portion of the attraction, make sure you know your classic horror movies. Other than that, I highly suggest Nightmare on 13th as a fun experience to get your heart racing this Halloween season. For more haunted house ratings and reviews, head on over to www.packmedia.wsd.net.

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