How to Day Date

Inexpensive and inventive day date ideas for short notice and for a budget.

Dating season is here. The pressure is on to come up with the perfect night in just a week or two. How is that possible? Well, it’s not.

To take the stress off the dating season, fellow students and postgraduate students have heard your little cries for mercy and are here to help with some inexpensive and inventive date ideas just for you.

First off DO NOT STRESS. This a measly high school date that, no matter what, you will giggle about in twenty years from now as you look at old pictures with your significant other and reminisce about how silly this all was, and that you wish you would have gone to a cheaper restaurant, and that you totally made your date sad because you did not want to kiss them, or you made them late for their curfew because you did want to kiss them, and that your dad completely embarrassed you and your date by giving a “dad talk”, and how you spilled raspberry lemonade on yourself during dinner,  and the list just goes on. There are so many things can happen on a so called date, especially a formal date so, how should you go about this dating business anyway? Who do you take? How should I act?

Take it from former Fremont student, Braxten Neel, “Cut the [crap] and send it. Be straight up always and date who you want to date, not who you think everyone would want you to… Attitude [can] make or break anything for real. For real.”

Cheap dates with close friends can be the absolute best. No need to feel like you need to spend all this money when there is no obligation to. Cheap is almost always better.

“Pick something fun and cheap,” said senior Kohrman Osenbach. “Those are always the best. If you’re going to do something, do it with someone you know you’d have fun with.” Osenbach continues, “ It’s always more fun when you’re with a good person.”

For those completely clueless about what to do for your day date or what is appropriate for a day date here is a list of inexpensive and creative day date ideas that can also be used for any normal date as well.

Hide and seek inside Ikea

Just your average, playground hide and seek, but like ultimate hide and seek. Go to your local IKEA or Walmart and play hide and seek with your group. Any place in the store is a hiding spot.

Paint on canvases

Get paint canvases and water colors or some sort of paint and have a paint off. You can all choose a specific thing to paint or do a free for all and everyone can choose anything to paint. Let your creative side of your mind soar.

D.I. fashion show

Find your way to a local D.I. or thrift shop. Your objective is to find the ugliest and most outrageous outfit for your date. No matter what they have to try on their outfit and then have a fashion show right there in the store. If you want to take it to the next level, you all purchase the outfits and wear them to lunch.

Bike ride and picnic

Load up your bikes and your favorite lunch foods and find a paved bike trail to ride down. Spend the afternoon taking picture and stop somewhere nice to eat lunch together. (seasonal)

Messy Twister

Get your hands on a twister mat and put paint on the twister circles. The paint should match the color of the circle. Then proceed by playing a normal game of twister just more colorful.

Cook off

Get a bunch of ingredients to prepare and cook some of you and your dates favorite food. If you are in a group you can split up into couples or boys vs girls. See who can make the best tasting and best looking dish.


Spend the day at a local arcade sipping on soda and playing old school arcade games.

Line dancing

Find an open space and hook up your device with any speaker and learn some classic line dances. Examples: Boot Scootin Boogie, Cupid Shuffle, Electric slide, Cha Cha Slide, etc.

Local landmark road trip

Do a mini road trip to all the local landmarks. Make a killer playlist to jam out to all day long.

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