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18 March 2019



Communicating feats of engineering is hard enough in English. Now imagine doing it in German.


German students participated in an overnight activity that included a STEM competition, while only speaking in German.

That’s exactly what the German students did over the weekend of the 26th and 27th of January. The annual Winter camp, or Winterlager, where the students have to speak German for the entire weekend had a twist this year. In addition to their regular activities, students had to participate in a STEM competition.

Students from Fremont, T.H. Bell, Bonneville, Rocky Mountain Junior High, and Orion Junior High each had their own teams to compete. The kids had to first build a house that could withstand a hurricane, then build a contraption that would keep an egg safe from a 20 foot drop, and then make marketing buttons. After the last competition was held, a winner was announced. “They were the king of the camp,” said Frau Carolyn Sandstrom, Fremont German teacher.

The STEM competition wasn’t the only thing they did. “We went cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and had many other little competition activities,” said Emma Wiser, German student.

Along with speaking in German, participants also enjoyed German food. Wiener Schnitzel, typically pounded veal, was a popular favorite with kartoffel auflauf on the side. “It’s like potato casserole,” Sandstrom said.

German students weren’t the only ones there, either. Native speaking Germans and Weber State students participated and helped students with technical terms. A German foreign exchange student participated. Some students weren’t even part of the German club, they just took a German class.

The whole weekend was filled with fun. From German movies to engineering, the students were kept busy. And they won’t be stopping. More activities are coming up, and soon another year will start. It almost seems like they’re on the Autobahn with the speed their going.

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