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The story behind the joke board


What did the traffic light say to the car?

Don’t look I’m changing.

For months now, jokes have been bulleted to the retro board next to the bookkeeper with no explanation. Previously, it was just a papered over bulletin board, but later popped up as a punny constant in students lives.

Beginning in Halloween of 2017, Sue Holmes, head secretary, was the one who started it all.

“[During Christmas] I wanted to stay in contact with my kids, so I started sending them the 12 Days of Christmas Jokes,” said Holmes joyfully. So after the paper was ripped down, the office had a discussion on what to do with it. Holmes suggested putting up the jokes.

Now, Christy Koford, who works in the main office, looks up jokes online and displays them on the board outside the bookkeeper’s window.

“We thought it would lighten the mood out in the commons,” said Koford. This really shows how much the office cares for the students.

“And it was good use of our cabinet that we haven’t used before,” Koford said jokingly.

Sending their office aids to put up the jokes, the aids can’t help but suggest their own. Koford is willing to take cute and clean jokes from students, so students can see their humor on display. Planning on keeping the joke board up for years to come, it’s a new tradition starting this school year.

What did one wolf say to the other?

Howl’s it going?

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