Just Serving: Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson encourages service around the community

Sophomore Stephanie Simpson learned to combine two of her favorite things, acting and making others smile, to help others in need and to spread the word of service.

“I love to put a smile on people’s faces,” Simpson said “I love to make people feel like not everything is so horrible.”

Simpson worked with a casting agency, and was cast in the role of a JustServe video. Her service and involvement didn’t stop there. She encourages students to join Just Serve and serve around the community.

“Feeling like you have done something good in the world is worth more than a million dollars,” Simpson said. “The whole goal is to build a strong community around the world.”

JustServe is an easy site to use, just type in your city, state, or zip code and options around your community will pop up with the information needed to go serve the business or person.

We may not solve world hunger here at JustServe, but we’re convinced that by serving with each other in our local communities, we’re paving the way for much broader changes.” states JustServe.org on their website. “Our individual efforts don’t need to be huge – a little bit of change here, a few hours there – but even small efforts quickly add up to make a real difference.”

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