Killin’ it this volleyball season

Killin’ it this volleyball season
Volleyball vs Davis

Volleyball is a game of speed, agility, and reflex. But what really makes a team work?

The volleyball team has lead an impressive season this year, with 12 wins and only 5 losses.

Junior Haylee Doxey agrees, saying, “We’ve done pretty good this year, [we] play as a team.”

Teamwork and sportsmanship are loud and proud when watching one of these matches, both from the point of view of the team and of the spectators.

The team is very lively and matches are fast-paced and entertaining. The skill of the players is evident as parents and friends watch these players throughout the match.

“Our defense is looking grand,” Doxey says, “We’re really good at communication on the team.”

When these girls are in the heat of the moment, going head to head with another school and trying to win yet another set, or even match, their voices all ring out after every play.

Regardless of how the play went, they can always be seen either picking each other up if they lost the point, or congratulating and praising each other if they got it.

There is a strong bond on the team, and they all strive to make each other better.

“We try to follow this year’s motto ‘pursuit of perfection’,” Doxey says. “We all really try to treat each other how we want to be treated, and to respect each other so we can achieve perfection.”

Perfection seems to be an unreachable goal for some, but these girls shoot for the stars and take certain steps like respecting each other and relying on teamwork to make it much more achievable.

Many of the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are playing this year plan to again next year. According to Doxey, “It’s pretty fun. The Halloween tournament is the best.”

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