Korczak’s Children auditions

Korczak’s Children auditions


 Coming up this week on November 29 and 30, the theater department will be hosting auditions for their upcoming show, Korczak’s children. This is the departments straight play for the year, and it is also the show they will be taking to theater competition.

This show takes place in Poland during World War Two, where Dr. Janusz Korczak attempts to ensure the survival of 200 Jewish orphans that are living in his orphanage. Korczak will do everything in his power to keep his orphans safe in such terrible conditions.  Despite his efforts, rumors of deportation and concentration camps are quickly spreading. The children’s time is running out, so despite the ghetto’s laws, Korczak allows them to produce a play, in hopes of bringing a little happiness into their ever darkening world.

All students are welcome to audition.  Auditions will be after school at 3:00 in the drama shack (annex 1).  Anyone wanting to audition will need to sign up for an audition time on the call board, (located down the performing arts hall) and prepare a one minute monologue of any style. The monologue will be performed in small groups, and there will also be a short movement exercise. Check the call board the next day for the callback list.  Callbacks will be held Friday the 30, at the same time and location as general auditions. This audition will consist of cold readings and possibly characterization exercises. Check Mrs. Obray’s blog for the final cast list. It should be posted by Saturday, December 1st. Good luck wolves!


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