Lagoon Delivers Returning Haunts for 2015 Season

Lagoon Delivers Returning Haunts for 2015 Season
Live action zombies complete with lock down car photo op outside of “Zombie Lock down”

Frightmares uses Concepts and Ideas from Previous Year

Everyone in Utah knows that when it comes to adrenaline rushes, haunts, and a little something for the kids, Lagoon during its most popular season, Frightmares, is the place to be. From horrifying characters to daring haunted houses, Lagoon has always been a hot spot during the halloween season. I decided to check it out myself in this first installment of the 2015 Haunted House series.

This year, Lagoon transformed their picnicking pavilions into haunted houses, four to be exact and all with an individual spooky theme. To my surprise upon arrival, rather than producing four brand new haunt ideas, two haunted houses from the previous year remained the exact same. Lagoon’s ‘Zombie Lockdown’ and ‘Night Walk’ houses returned, a disappointing discovery to those who attended Frightmares last year. While ‘NightWalk’, a haunt centered around a vampire cult remains scary and impressive, ‘Zombie Lockdown’ failed to deliver for two years in a row, though I was slightly impressed by use of props and animatronics within the haunt.

“20 years of Terror” and “Fun House of Fear” are the two newest concepts for the 2015 season. “20 Years of Terror” focuses on the scariest horror films of the last twenty years including “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Scream”, and even a large maze in the middle centered around the 1986 film “The Labyrinth”. Scary? Yes. Worth the 15 minute wait in line? Yes. “Fun House of Fear” is a haunt aimed at beginners. Fun, Interesting, hardly any scares at all, and disorienting. Definitely a good haunted house for beginners or older children and contains high production quality within its walls.

All four lines moved fairly quickly, I never waited more than fifteen minutes to get into a haunt. Lagoon also provides entertainment to those waiting in line by providing scary photo props and live characters that engage the crowd and make waiting less, well, nerve racking.

So, what’s my advice to you when faced with the decision of choosing which haunts to skip? Definitely attend “Night Walk” for it’s awesome use of animatronics and acting, and try “ 20 Years of Terror” if you’re a haunted house adrenaline junkie. “Fun House of Fear”? Ponder it. It’s fun and literally mind boggling in 3D. “Zombie Lockdown”? Don’t waste your time, unless you like walking in mist so potent and thick you can’t see, and walking in the same pattern seeing the same things over and over again. Overall, i’m fairly pleased with Frightmares this year, with the exception of use of concepts and characters from last year, the rides, decor, and live entertainment are worth every penny.



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