Love or lies – Lindzi Parker and Taylor Zesiger

High school relationships are either all fun and games till someone gets hurt, or becoming familiar with saying the words ‘I do’. Are high school relationships a pointless thing to get into so soon, or do they lead more towards bigger and better things with that ‘special someone’. Being with someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing to get into, but maybe being as serious as our generation seems to get maybe a little too much.

Mrs. Dalebout, who dated her husband all through high school, said ” Here it’s almost like you are married. You’re constantly together and that’s not what high school should be about. You’re in some kind of loveish at this age. I personally believe you don’t pair off enough. Going on group dates has become more of a hang out, not a date.” Dating different people is a way to let loose and have fun and learn who you’re compatible with, what characteristics you like in another person. Long term relationships can lead to great things, but if you really believe they’re the one you will end with in the long run, what’s the harm in dating others just to reassure it?

There are ways to like one and date others. Lindzi Parker, a student at Fremont High School, said, “ I agree, dating one person makes for a great relationship you wouldn’t have had before with that person you truly care about, but dating and going from boy to boy and just having fun is great too. It reassures you that you were either meant to be or it wouldn’t have worked out. These years, going on dates with multiple guys, no matter what you do, girls will talk crap on you. It is your life though, you’re only in high school once, why not enjoy it? We don’t want the guys or girls, in this case, that go around kissing one from another, even just going and getting to know someone seems too ‘old-fashioned’ nowadays. Old-fashioned styles are coming back, I hope that makes its way back too.”

We seem to, these days, use the word ‘player’ kind of as a cliche in a way. Dalebout said, “ you get the label ‘player’ if you kiss one after another, almost like it means nothing, thats how it was when I went to high school. Now it’s like if you go on one date with a guy Friday night then a different guy Saturday night, you’re known as a ‘player.’” That’s what dating is though. If you consistently date only one guy thats called a relationship, dating is having fun with one other person and getting to know them. Really in the end dating different people just sets you up for the future.

The word ‘dating’ is played around with too much. Erik Dickamore, a student at Fremont High School stated, “ I don’t like serious relationships, because I can’t date whatever girl I want, because she has a freaking boyfriend. It makes you feel tied up in someone else and feel obligated to spend time with them. Takes them away from spending time with their friends and other activities.”

It’s up to you Silverwolves, whether to be happy and content with that one and take the chances, or to let yourself have more freedom and have fun getting to know multiple people. Choose wisely, because you’re only in high school once.

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  1. Great article. And love the picture of those two and showing their school pride. I think high school relationships can be wonderful but you do need to try and go on dates with others to make sure that their the one before making any final decisions. And if it’s meant to be the both of them will know.

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