Maddie & Tae define A Girl In a Country Song

Maddie & Tae define A Girl In a Country Song
Two singer song writers Maddie & Tae, pose for their new album "Start Here"

Maddie & Tae album review on “Start Here”

Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye have no issue holding back in their new album “Start Here”. The album holds eleven tracks, with “Girl In a Country Song” being the most familiar. Maddie and Tae are two best friends who have come together to redefine 2015’s country music.

Their soft, innocent tone gives a classic spin to their country flare, while at the same time, they have a very strong independent voice in their songs, which I liked, considering how hard it is to get both in music these days.

Maddie and Tae write very organic, deep, and original lyrics. The beat to the songs are familiar to other country artists like Taylor Swift, before she changed her style of music, and Raelynn Woodward, who wrote “God Made Girls”.

In, “Girl in a Country Song,” the beat grabbed my attention. The song is silly, but their lyrics toward the end spoke to me the most—“Aww no, Conway and George Strait never did it this way back in the old days. Aww y’all, we ain’t a cliché that ain’t no way to treat a lady.”

For those who don’t know Conway Twitty, or George Strait, they are two of the many classic country artists who represented woman with respect, and honor. The typical gentlemen of country music. I agree with Tae and Maddie, where did the respect for girls go?

It also brought back memories of my dad and I sitting in his truck listening to George Strait while he lip synched the lyrics to me when I was little. Growing up, his lyrics helped me identify when a boy truly respects my boundaries and cares about my well-being. Thank you George Strait, and dad.

Another song on the album that personally spoke to me was “Fly”. This is a feel good song, which every album has to have, right? This one is different though. Most songs say things will get better, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, etc, but Maddie and Tae went deeper than the typical Cliche.

“We’ve come this far, so don’t be scared now,” reminded me of tough situations I have gotten into. When it’s a constant fight to finish on top, and halfway through I lose motivation and start having the idea to give up. But, why stop now? I Might as well finish what I started and be proud in the end.

“You won’t forget the heavy steps it took to let it go.” This particular part reminds me of relationships. Often times it’s difficult to realize when it’s time to get out of a unhealthy relationship, and the “heavy steps it took to let it go,” symbolizes the tough decisions it takes to get out of a poisonous relationship. I think, it’s always better to look back and remember the struggle, than to stay in the bad situation and think “what if.”

“Wondering if she’s got the guts to take it. Running down her dreams in a dirty dress, now her heart’s a mess, praying she will find a way to make it.” Many Seniors are struggling with how to make the next step into adulthood. The amount of stress that is put on a young adult  is ridiculous—college choices, living situations, money, and plenty more. These lyrics relate to how most students feel. I find myself just hoping I can get through the struggle and “make it” to my goals and dreams. That’s all I want, that’s all anyone wants.

Maddie and Tae’s album hit home with me on a very personal level. Country music isn’t typically my first choice, but I fully admire and appreciate these two young girls for taking country music and making it their own. The album is dope, if I do say so myself.



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