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Magic, Risk, and Chess have got all these students on a high for strategy.

Strategy Games

During every flex hour, kids pile into Mr. Watkins room for Strategy Game Club, a ‘club’ that began last year when Watkins released an ad asking for a few students to come in a play some games during flex. Zach Billings, a senior and vice president of the club, spotted the ad first, then gathered a group and elected a President, Mason Thompson. Since then, it has grown in people and interest.

Technically, the ‘club’ is a flex class. They only meet during school hours, and it’s always open for people to sign up. Watkins has a sign-up sheet outside his classroom with an area specifically for Strategy Game, but there are only 25 spots available, and they fill up quick. Even with a limited amount of availability, The club is always looking to expand and become more known around the school.

Strategy games help learning processes and the ability to absorb new information, so the fact that these students meet up in between classes to sharpen their minds is pretty smart. They also meet during lunch sometimes, playing with more friends.

The club has begun competing and training, looking for ways to grow. Saturday, 27 January, eight members will be participating in a chess tournament at West Jordan.

The members are friendly and open to new people; the whole club seems just like a group of friends that wanted to play a few games together, which makes it even more inviting.

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