Mr. Anderson rocks conference weekend

Mr. Anderson rocks conference weekend

As the LDS church held their priesthood session, Mr. Anderson, Fremont High’s choir teacher, was given the opportunity to conduct the choir and lead the congregation during the meeting.

“It’s not everyday you get to conduct a choir at the Conference Center in front of twenty thousand people,” Mr. Anderson said. “It was a pretty amazing experience. I was nervous to start the practice with the choir… I think it was harder than the actual performance.”

It was very exciting to see Mr. Anderson lead them and many of the students got very excited about it.

This was not his first time conducting a choir at the conference center though. He had conducted a session back in October of 2006.

“The process was roughly the same, but the experience was different,” Anderson said.

The choir was fairly large, but as they practiced before the conference, Mr. Anderson didn’t think that working with the choir was difficult.

“It was a lot like working here. You choose music and you put it in front of them and then learn it. It was very much what we do here all the time.” Anderson said.

The session was held at the LDS conference center in Salt Lake City, on September 30, 2017.

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