Thank you for asking this question! Being bullied is definitely not something anyone should ever have to go through and usually leaves its victims, like your friend, emotionally scarred.

Always, Always, Always strive to be her friend even when she tries to push you away or won’t open up. Being a friend, does not mean you have to badger her in between every class trying to get something out of her. Send heart filled texts to her every once in a while. Just talk to her and invite her to outings you go on with your friends, even if she declines. I know it will make her feel better that you even thought of her.

Have a girls night where you eat Ben and Jerry’s while watching chick flicks. Let her cry to you, crying is such a stress reliever for girls and helps you feel like your burden is a little bit better, that life is a little bit brighter.

Make sure to be a trustworthy friend that she can open up to. Do not let her bottle her feelings up inside, holding in emotions can lead to darker feelings and thoughts, a depressive state.

I don’t understand why people do the things they do but studies show that others put people down when they want to feel superior and better about themselves. Unfortunately, you can’t change someone else and the way they treat others if they don’t want to change, but you can use the oldest trick in the book by “Killing them with Kindness.”

If the bullying is effecting her physically or emotionally, she needs to turn to someone. If she is being physically bullied, help her turn to a trusted adult who can help take care of the situation. If she has been emotionally bullied, have her open up to you or one of your friends, let her know that she has supporters. Listen to what she has to say and do not interrupt, let her know you care.

Please make sure to remind her that she is never alone, so many others have been through bullying and so many people are willing to help, even a stranger, deal with the effects of bullying. No one is ever alone.

If there is any alternate thoughts, or talks of suicide that you may overhear or she directly tells you about, do not hesitate to go tell an adult. If her personality drastically changes and she is not like herself, tell an adult immediately!  That is her cry for help, rise to it.

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  1. I have been bullied since I was 8 years old and I still am. The best way to comfort her is to be her friend. Let her tell you everything that happened. Trust her and believe her. Most of all just be her friend!!!!

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