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Seas of blues; deserts of yellows; mountains of purples – many girls like to have their nails painted in any color. In fact, out of 138 girls recently polled at Fremont, 70% like to have their nails painted.

“I like most colors but I tend to stick to bright ones,” said junior, Afton Owen.

Over 30% of the girls polled like to go somewhere to get their nails done. While salons do give great selections, a problem teenagers often face when going is cost. Manicures can cost up to $30 which most teens can’t afford.

Madi Brazier, a senior, likes to go get her nails done, but normally ends up doing her own.

“Cost is a factor when I want to get my nails done,” Brazier said. “I’m poor.”

I ran into this problem over Thanksgiving Break. I wanted to get my nails done but quickly realized I couldn’t afford to spend so much on a one time deal. So instead I decided to do what most teens do – paint my own nails.

Sally Hansen is a nail product company that’s been around for years and is what I decided to try. I’m always scared to try new things – it’s my personality – but I’m impressed by how well the Sally Hansen nail polish has lasted.

I bought three different kinds: Insta-Dri for $4.00, Hard as Nails for $1.97, and Xtreme Wear for $2.48.

I’ve had the polish on for a little over a week and there’s only a few small chips. The Xtreme Wear is holding up the best. It didn’t take a long time to paint them either. All the polish dried fast, the Insta-Dri being the quickest of the three.

Sally Hansen offers such a wide range including sparkles and metallics— I loved all they had to offer. I couldn’t pick just one color which is why I choose three instead. I recommend Sally Hansen products to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to salons.

“I like my nails painted,” said junior, Tafa Fonotisatele. “When my three year old niece does them.”

*Photo by Acee Hepner; Caption: Sally Hansen has a large selection of polishes which was why I was drawn to their products.

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