NHS Warms the hearts of veterans

NHS Warms the hearts of veterans
Items that can be donated, and how many points each item is

National Honor Society is inviting FHS students to help gather items and write letters for veterans this December.

This season, NHS is gathering items for active soldiers, veterans, wounded warriors, and their families. Donations are due December 8, in room B223. Anyone is welcome to write letters and package items that are donated, for the veterans that are receiving the donation.

The goal is to join together as students and warm the hearts of the ones who protect our country, and their families,who support them while doing so.

Also, NHS members can letter when fifty points is earned. Donating items for the vets, and writing letters, contribute to earning those points. (See image).

For more information on joining NHS visit http://fhsnationalhonorsociety.weebly.com/

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